Saturday, November 17, 2007

Basement Baseball--The Long-Awaited Full Highlights

I posted a clip from this classic video here before, but here are all the highlights. Again, this is my friend Mike and I, in his basement in late '92 or early '93. His little brother Mark filmed with my clunky old camera, and announced as well. He's now in his 20s, which is hard to believe.

In the older post, you can see the layout of the "field," and the full description of my incredible home run. I've also realized this happened later than I originally thought. I didn't get that hat until summer '92. This was originally on a VHS tape which contained some '92 post-season baseball action, and was recorded over that stuff. So it had to be at least November '92. But I'm wearing shorts, which makes me think it must be the following spring. Mike's got a sweatshirt and jeans, though. So, let's call it March '93, making us 17 years old.

Is that the Nirvana "Sliver" shirt? I had (or may still have) that.
Oh man. That was hilarious. The little kid is so cute--"and he is doing an IRISH JIG!" I wish my basement was big enough to play baseball in. Its ceiling is about six feet tall, though.
Lil' bro Mark should consider a career as an announcer. He was great! So funny!
"Fancy Batter!"

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