Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bang Your Head

Kevin DuBrow is dead! Don't know what happened yet. This dude was the singer of Quiet Riot, who are best known for their Slade cover, "Cum on Feel the Noize."

Whenever I hear the name DuBrow, I think of a very specific thing. It was Nikki Sixx, in an old rockumentary, which I believe was called "Metal-mentary," talking about the early '80s, saying, "Quiet Riot was defunct, but there was DuBrow." (Quiet Riot was called "DuBrow" for a while.) I don't know why that always stuck with me. It was just the way he was so serious about it.

By the way, in the above article, the New York Times, as of right now, says guitarist Randy Rhoads died in a "traffic accident." If by that they mean he was in a plane that tried to fly really close to a tour bus and then crashed into a house, then they'd be right.

On a completely unrelated not, did you see on Joy of Sox that Joy writes his blog at a "Post Grad College" level? I checked, and you and I, apparently, write our blogs at an elementary school level...I'm kind of ok with that...you?
See if those elementary school punks know anything about the Roman calendar!
Oddly enough, and I can't begin to grasp the significance, or lack thereof, of this, but I've tried running Peter's blog address through that little doo-hicky, and it refuses to give an answer...it just keeps processing, but never returns a verdict. I think Peter has completely flummoxed the internet...
He's definitely on his own level.

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