Monday, November 19, 2007

All For Charity

I was going through an old tape with game one of the 1990 ALCS on it, and I came across this thing. Cracks me up. The Bush pic, the "Rap" Outreach Program,--get it, Reynolds Rap?--all of it.

Reader savethejellyfish was at Papi's charity thing (for flood victims in the DR) this weekend, and snapped this shot of the trophies. Yes, trophies. (Look under the "H.") It''s just hit me that when I see Red Sox World Series stuff, I now get to try and figure out which one it's referring to. How awesome is that?

Thanks for the pic!

Jere, Mikey is signed! Or he agreed in principal! WOW!!!!!!!
Thanks, Peter.

Note, though, that Wow would indicate surprise, and I think at least you and I knew he had to stay with us....


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