Thursday, November 01, 2007

.680 Ball

Saw 25 Red Sox games this season. The Red Sox went 17-8 in those games.

In playoff games, I went 2-0. In May and August combined, I went 6-0. In games against the Yanks: 3-0.

By pitcher:

Dice-K starts: 6-1
Schill starts: 4-3
Beckett starts: 3-2
Wake starts: 2-1
Buchholz starts: 1-0
Gabbard starts: 1-0
Tavarez starts: 0-1

Notable stuff:
4 homers in a row by the Red Sox
Trot's return
Dave Roberts' return
Walk on the field after Father's Day game
Dice's Fenway debut
Buchholz' MLB debut
A Bonds HR
My first playoff win
Walkoff playoff win
ALCS Game 7
AL East on-field clinching celebration
AL on-field clinching celebration
My second Rolling Rally

No, I didn't forget the WS runs-by-inning contest. AJM/Laureen picked up a run in the fifth to add to their lead. A final effort by Jay/Leggett in the eighth left them five short. No one else made a serious move in the final game. So, after AJM and Kara finish one-two in the '06-'07 Quiz season, each of them wins a linescore contest, alongside Pweezil and Laureen. I will e-mail the winners about prizes. I have everyone's except Laureen (please write me at Two2067 at aol dot com if you want your prize.) I'll also be e-mailing everyone who took pictures at road games for me this season to talk about giving you your "prize." If you don't hear from me, it means I don't have your address, and you should e-mail me. Anyway, final WS linescore results:


5/AJM & Laureen / 9
3/Kara & Pweezil / 6
1/Peter & Ryan / 4
8/Jay & Michael Leggett / 4
4/savethejellys & Rebecca / 3
9 & beyond/my mom / 1
2/Matty & Quinn / 1
7/Novy & Dan / 1
6/Soxy Lady & Allen / 0

Total WS runs (4 games): 29

Total ALCS runs (7 games): 51

Total runs by inning in ALCS and WS combined:

3/Kara & Pweezil / 21
8/Jay & Michael Leggett / 15
5/AJM & Laureen / 15
1/Peter & Ryan / 11
7/Novy & Dan / 7
6/Soxy Lady & Allen / 5
4/savethejellys & Rebecca / 3
2/Matty & Quinn / 2
9 & beyond/my mom / 1

We really kicked butt in that third inning! Jay/Leggett pulled a bit of an "'81 Reds," doing well in the first and second contest, finishing second overall, but not coming out with a prize. You know what would be fun? A season-long linescore contest!

I'd be interested. BTW, I'm 1-0 in Gabbard Games, as I was at his debut, on 5-20 @ Fenway. I'm 0-1 in Tarvarez Games, as I was @ Fenway on 08-31, when he replaced Wakey.

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