Friday, October 26, 2007

What I'm Reading

This article should be called, "Hey, real Sox fans, you always assumed most of the people who get to go to World Series games don't deserve it as much as you do. You're right! Here are their stories."

These articles always have that "intern" feel. One recent article about past Fall Classics may as well have been called "Yankee World Series Memories."

This article lists teams who had undefeated Octobers. What about the 1942 Cardinals, who went 4-0 in October, winning the World Series? There were other iffy ones, but by their criteria, I still don't see any reason that one team didn't make the cut.

My dad just sent me an e-mail with a subject line that says "I hope I don't jinx us." I didn't open it. I wrote him and told him to re-think and re-send.

Jim Rome: "If the Rockies see Papelbon running in from the bullpen, they should just quit." But, hey, we all know he'll never be Mariano and that Joba has already surpassed him. (Where "we all" equals "Yankee fans" and "know" equals "think because they're completely delusional.")

Speaking of jinxes, Matty and I were talking about this in the comments, but yet another thing I forgot to mention about Game 7 was the fact that I could've loaded up both my video camera and my still camera for that game. Then, for the celebration, I could've taped entire Papelbon dances--hell, the entire thing with a fresh video camera and an hour of tape. But I thought that was the ultimate temptation of fate. So I made the BeeGees (baseball goddesses) well aware that I only had my still camera, as usual. There is one other thing--well, two--that I've been doing, but won't mention unti--I mean unless! UNLESS! we win it all.

Looks like the Sox won't do the "last two pre-season games in Philly in '08." But we do play them down there on June 14-16, which means they are again our "natural rival," or at least co-natch-rye.

Sports Guy just now discovered who Jeremy Kapstein is. Seriously. Come on.


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