Friday, October 26, 2007

Up Two And Including

Schilling and Beckett combined in the post-season: 15-2, 206 IP, 38 ER, 202 K, 39 BB.

I love how, at this point in the season, if we can get to Oka in the 6th, he can pitch through the seventh, and Pap can go part or all of the eighth, and the ninth. All three guys were great tonight. Didn't Remy, among others, basically tell us to just forget about Okajima after that one late-season bad outing against the Yanks? And didn't Yankee fans call the guy a fluke (like they did with Pap last year--but Joba, he gets a monument already)? We are looking so gold right now. The series, at the very least, will come back to Boston. Now we fly out to the purple mountains. That is why the Rockies wear purple, right? "Purple mountains' majesty"?

Did Buck call us the White Sox at one point tonight?

Like McCarver, I was mad at Curt for not covering third. As soon as I see that ball get away from the third baseman, I'm thinking, "pitcher: cover third." I mean, you at least start drifting over even if the ball goes two feet behind the guy, just in case. You're not doing any good standing on the mound. But Curt got the win, and that's the key. At least he didn't "not waste a pitch" on 0-2s. Well, he did once, but the guy fouled it back. Again, he did what we needed him to do, coming through big time, like he always does in the big game.

Dear Fox: Manny Ramirez is a perfectly capable outfielder.

My girlfriend's mom has called while Drew was up when he got his big hits the past two nights. Instructions have been given for her to call when Drew is up on Saturday and Sunday.

Ubaldo did a nice job. Certainly outdid Francis.

How freakin' awesome was the pickoff?? Matt "Don't Call Me Doc, Or Halliday For That Matter" Holliday must've wanted to die.

Another crazy two-out rally tonight, only this one was more important than any of 'em last night, as it created the winning run. Lowell with that RBI, and Tek with the other one, and it's a 2-1 win. As Warner Wolf would say, "If you had the Rockies and .99 runs, YOU LOST." Okay, maybe that defeated the purpose of his little joke. But I just like to quote Warner sometimes.

So it's two-zip. Just like '86 and '04. And 1916--the only other time we went up 2-0 in a World Series.

Latest episode of my show here.

Got an MLB email telling me to enter a contest tonight. Asked me to pick the WS MVP. After two effin' games. I clicked on it, and the big, colorful text said "Tell us who you think the 2007 World Series MVP and enter to win the all new [stupid car]." I think some words are missing there. And "all new" would look a little spiffier (read: be correct) with a hyphen. I started to wonder if it was a phony e-mail, but I don't think it was. The other day, I entered MLB's "Daily Draw" for WS tix, and the official rules said that the winner would have to meet an MLB official at Yankee Stadium in Bronx, NY before the game. I guess they were using an old template. Four years old. They fixed it before I could get a screen grab.

So, I guess T-Bell makes money as long as at least half the people who get the free taco also buy food worth at least as much as the first taco. The odds of that are pretty good. So, in an effort to make a major corporation lose money, and to feed the hungry, tell all your neighborhood homeless people to go and get their free taco! (Tell 'em to use Royce Clayton's secret method, too.)

Do people actually eat the crud at Taco Bell - even if it's free?

//Did Buck call us the White Sox at one point tonight?//

Yes. Yes he did.

He also referred to the Old State House as "Faneuil Hall".

Maybe I can forgive that one, but the WHITE SOX? Is it too much to expect him to remember what teams he's covering? Especially when there are only two left?
Mom here:
Nobody said you have to eat it. Just be part of the Nation and honor Jacoby.
Do you think Royce Clayton is making more or less from Taco Bell than he is from the Red Sox?
I've been laying low for a little while because I've been in relatively poor health for a couple of weeks, but it's been a fantastic postseason so far. Hoping to catch Game 3 at Professor Thom's.

The really big star last night was Okajima...just an outstanding performance. Fantastic seeing him get back to his 1st Half dominance.

And it needs to be noted...
JD Drew: 9 for 25 in the ALCS with a .905 OPS and 6 rbis
4 for 7 so far in the World Series.
Dude's been huge for this team when he was most needed.
I love Warner Wolf...didn't he die?
No! Warner alive and well.
AJM: Glad you're okay! I'd been coming up with some crazy theories as to why you must be boycotting my blog.

We thought about going down to Thom's, but we've gone down to CT the last two weekends, so we decided to stay up here..... next year.

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