Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sox at Coors

We played out in Colorado in '04, losing two out of three. Here's how our hitters did:

Ortiz: 4 for 11 (.364), 2 doubles and a dong, 5 RBI. No errors at first, either, tough guy.

Youk: 3 for 8 with a dong.

Tek: 2 for 11, but with a dong and 4 walks. 3 Ribbies.

Manny: 2 for 9, 4 BB.

Drew, in his time in negativeland, aka the NL, hit .368 in Denver over 87 at bats. And Lugo's 9 for 23 there. Lowell and Cora kinda stink there.

Timlin pitched an inning in that series, didn't give up a run. but has given up 8 in the other 3 innings he's pitched at Coors. Five of those came in one third of an inning on 6/10/01, when Timlin was with the Cards. He came in to start the sixth and gave up: Single, single (to Todd Walker), single, sac fly, dong (to Helton), walk.


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