Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rocky IV

So weird that I called it. I admitted to not being an NL fan, and never watching it, but I saw that Rockies team against us and against the Yanks and told everybody, "That's your NL champ." Had it been some other team that did that well against us and the Yanks, I would've picked that team. But, of course, I'm gonna take credit for this prediction, whether I knew what I was talking about or not.

Kruk just described the Rockies as "not just a Papi and Manny and Mike Lowell--everybody chips in." Why doesn't he just hang a sign around his chest that says, "I only start watching when the playoffs start"? Yeah, I know, I just said I don't watch an entire league. But I'm not paid to.

Speaking of not watching, it's always so telling when fanbases are there in the playoffs waving their (original!) towels, after having not shown up all season. Not naming names, but, let's just say there are a lot of non-Red Sox teams that have this problem. And even then, their scoreboards have to tell them to "get loud."

Wow, I just heard that for game five of the World Series, which will be at the Rockies' stadium unless there's a sweep, the Broncos are scheduled to play a game there, too. No faith, these baseball schedule-makers! Speaking of that, I notice that on the "schedule" page for all the teams that are still alive, none of them have a November page, nor does anyone include November 1st (game 7 of the WS) on their October page.

I buried that first pre-season quiz, which may be why no one answered. Regardless, here's the answer. The thing that only happened once (1992) since the majors went to the 162-game schedule is: Exactly 162 games were played by every team. 2007 would've been the second time, had there not been the one-game playoff. Most years, some games, usually Royals games, I noticed, get canceled due to rain or whatever and are never made up, as they wouldn't have affected anything. In some other seasons, every team reached 162, but really played 163 games because of a "tie," which was started over. The stats from the "tie" count, and everyone who played in it get credit for a "game." So, the total team games would be 163. The only time 162 and only 162 games were played by every single team has been 1992.

Why the hell don't you watch the NL?!?!
Why the hell do you??

Let's see, the pitcher bats. The Red Sox aren't in it. The Yankees aren't in it.

I'm not one of these people who can just sit through a game just because it's there. I do like watching baseball in general, though, but the NL isn't much different from Little League or minor league ball in that it doesn't affect the Red Sox. And I like watching all those things live, but as far as TV, seeing an NL game is no different than coming across a local high school event on cable--sure, I'll watch for a few minutes, but without a serious loyalty to one side, I never found watching any sports all that interesting. Unless I'm there, at the event. (Or, if I bet somebody in the room on the result of the game, or if I'm in a pool at work or something.)

It's like Monday Night Football. People love it. For me, even when I was die-hard fan of the Jets, I didn't give a shit about MNF--unless the Jets were in it. Just like I don't care about Sunday Night Baseball unless the Sox or Yanks are on it.

Of course, knowing that if we win this series, we play the NL, I paid attention to the playoffs, and I know the Rockies pretty well. But, again, it's only because there was (is) a chance they play the Sox (or Yanks.)
"Why the hell do you??"

Um, because I am a baseball fan. Jeez.
No, no, no. You're not getting away with getting to be the one who say "jeez." Let's look at what happened. I simply mentioned that I don't pay attention to the NL. You came out of nowhere and asked why the HELL I don't, complete with the "!?"

If you were going to act all offended by the fact that I don't watch something you watch, then expect me to mock it. I totally don't care that people DO watch the NL, it doesn't offend me at all. My putting "hell" and a double question mark was in response to you acting like I was some kind of fool in the first place, like, "how the fuck could you not like marshmallows, you asshole!??!"

Can you see how what you said might elicit that kind of response from me? Then I simply went on to tell you the reasons why (which I've gone over a million times, but I don't expect you to have read my entire blog to find out). You wanted to know so I told you.

So, you watch a certain group of people play baseball "because you're a baseball fan." If I told you four old ladies were playing baseball in Wichita tomorrow at 4, would you book a flight?

I love baseball, too. It doesn't mean I watch every time people play with a ball and a stick somewhere. I am free to choose what baseball games I want to watch or play in.

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