Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Most Hatable Team In Baseball, Now And Forever (At The Winter Garden Theater)

Yankees announcer Jon Sterling, quoted in a recent Raissman article:

"I know managers don't want to say this, but I got to say it. In all the years I broadcast basketball, baseball, football, (and) hockey, that is the unluckiest (Game No. 2) loss. It had nothing to do with baseball," Sterling said. "I know this: If there hadn't been the bugs, Joba would have done the job. And the Yankees would've won the ball game."

I love it when they make it so easy. It was the type of thing where you just beg them to say it. Say "it was the bugs," pleeeease blame the bugs, as if a swarm of bugs is rooting for one side or the other! And only swarmed one team! Are these people stupid? Do they think we're stupid? Jon, how about this? Joba fucked up because he's a double-A pitcher who the Yanks, with more money than anyone, couldn't come up with a pitching staff and had to make desperate moves, then just assumed that a guy who had 24 major league innings under his belt would automatically take them to the a world championship, for no other reason, from what I can tell, than that he has a cool name.

Or how about this, Jon? Joba fucked up, and maybe it was because of the bugs, but what an incredible job by Carmona and the Indians, who, as professionals, refused to let a few midges stop them from taking care of the task at hand, which was winning the game.

But no, he couldn't have said any of that. He says, "the bugs made us lose."




The other comical thing is how, when Papelbon started coming into his own, we all brought up how great he was doing, and Yankee fans would just not budge on their stance that he was no Mo, and how he never would be. They just laughed. "Nope, nobody will ever be as good as Mo because he's Mo." Then Terrible Joba comes in, throws 24 innings, giving up one earned run, and they act like there is none higher, that all their guys are the best and all ours were the worst. I was just praying to Greenwell that Joba would be brought in in the playoffs. He was, and they lost. Anyway, Papelbon went about 38 innings last year, his first as closer, before he gave up his second run. So, do Yankee fans, by acting like Joba is the best there is, admit that Papelbon is even better? They're just such awful hypocrites and I'd like to again point out how much I laugh at them daily.

And it's too bad the Diamondbacks couldn't have won a few games after it was 3-0, so Yankee fans would have to be reminded even more about the fact that they were the only team to ever blow a 3-0 series lead. But, now that that series is over, we can all sit around like the '72 Dolphins and raise a glass of Coke Cherry to another season where the record wasn't tied. (It'll never be broken, unless they start playing best-of-nines.)

"My roommate had bedbugs!"

Eerily similar, huh? Well, not really, I just wanted to make a joke involving that lady. I know there has to be one in there...
Ha. Did you hear my broadcast the other night? I brought that up. I remembered her from the old WebMD ads, and I find her line hilarious, so we've been saying it repeatedly and laughing about it this whole series.

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