Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mistakes You Made In Your Craigslist Ad

Wow. Is that a Triple Crown or what? Another gaffe is admitting it's the no alcohol section, but I give 'em credit for being honest there. I wonder if they got anything at all for these....

At this moment: Bottom of the ninth in the NLCS. D-backs down one, first and third, one out. Kookie Byrnes hits grounder to second. Rox try for game-ending double play. High throw to second, so it looks like they'll only get one. No throw to first. Ump calls man at second safe, but runner (Drew's brother) assumes he was out, so he starts jogging toward third base dugout. Shocked, second baseman has to interrupt his argument with the ump to throw to third baseman to get runner. Next batter ends inning, we go to extras. D-backs would've had great chance to win. If it's Saturday and I haven't updated this, check the web to see who won. Nice job.

Update: Game still not over. But I was reading the recent Simmons mailbag (rare for me) and I saw that he wrote that the Yanks have lost seven games in the last seven post-seasons that could've ended their opponent's season. I count eight. I hate when people, accidentally or otherwise, understate Yankee failures. I hope he corrects this. (My count: 2001 WS 6 & 7, 2003 CS 6, 2004 CS 4, ha!, 5, ha!, 6, ha!, 7, ha!, 2005 DS 5.)

Final Update of Night: Rockies win in 11. They're up 2-0, going home. I still can't believe this. Rockies play Yanks and Sox tough in June--I proclaim to everyone I know that they're your NL champs. Then I check in with them late in the year to see, Oh, okay, I guess they have a chance, but they'd have to do really well.... They've lost one game since and are two away from the World Series. Amazing job by them. Hopefully their run ends when they hit Fenway for Game 1. But we need three wins first.


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