Monday, October 15, 2007

I've Got A G. T.

You know how I'm Mr. "Don't Use Those Slimeball Agencies, Just Get Your Tickets From the Team at Face Value" Guy?

Well, even I was ready to admit after my ALDS game that, Okay, if I don't win the online lottery for ALCS or World Series, I've definitely gone to my last game of the year.

Then on Saturday I called the ticket office. On the first try, it rings. I ask the operator if they have any ALCS tickets left, holding my ear far from the phone as not to go deaf from the ensuing laughter. But the guy says, "sure." They actually had two seats together. Now, it really didn't matter, because we were on our way to New Haven and had our weekend planned out. Of course, we asked ourselves, Should we just say say "screw it" and go to the game? But we decided to stick with the plans. (Good thing, right?) Anyway, that just reinforced to me that tickets are almost always there for the taking, right from the team, for face value. It's so funny to me how people have the mindset of "you just can't get tickets." And they immediately look to the agencies or whatever, and settle for paying 500 dollars for an 80 dollar seat. So dumb. At least give the face value method a chance before you do something stupid.

Anyway, I started thinking that I could make it to a potential game seven of the ALCS, so I called the Red Sox this morning. Third try, it rings--I'll be there if the game happens. A pretty good bleacher seat, 60 bucks. (The prices of seats do go up as the playoffs go on, so these seats are normally 23, but face value for ALCS is 60, going up to 75 for the World Series. Better than the 500 some greedy bastard on craigslist will charge you.) But I'm hoping I'm NOT at that game because I want to win this thing in five games!


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