Sunday, October 07, 2007

Great To See Ya, Tommy!

Look at this.

I love it when George proves everything I've ever said about the Yankees organization.

About the bugs: I was waiting for the excuses. But, honestly, I thought they'd be "too classy" for it. I thought they'd say, Hey, both teams had to deal with it and we'll keep our mystical and aural mouths closed. Wrong! Here come the excuses: "It messed up our whole team," yells Steinbrenner. He goes so far as to say, AS IF HE MAKES THE DECISION, "Bruce Froemming will never ump our games again." You know, I meant to say this yesterday, but how cool was it to see the Indians players--especially Carmona--bearing down and doing their best to ignore the bugs, while the Yankee players whined like the babies they are. One Indian player even said something like, "the Yankees were acting like there were bullets coming at them." Man, I will never forget that day, when the New York Yankees acted like a swarm of bugs affected only them and not the other team. What will their excuse be tonight?

And about Torre: Oh my god. Seriously, when that guy leaves the Yanks, the fans are going to want to see him honored. Even if George wants to fire his ass, he should do it quietly. But no. He's saying that if Joe doesn't win this year, he's out. Ha! I love it. Are Yankee fans really happy with this guy? If I was a Dunbarian, I'd be counting the seconds until this guy kicks it and leaves my team alone.

Even you media-taught Red Sox haters need to take a step back, realize that the Red Sox have done nothing wrong and are really likeable and are always trying to help you and your city see the Yanks lose, and remember who America's most despicable, pathetic franchise is. Join the world-wide party that is "the Yankees losing." Remember Yankee-hating? It's the best time of year for it! Come back to us!

As much as I relish the yankees losing in the first round, I wonder if we are being a little to jubilant about the prospect of playing the Indians, who are certainly the better team. I mean, the yanks have no pitching depth, a huge hole in their line-up where pre-post-season a-rod used to bat, and so on. Whereas the Cleve boasts 2 of the AL's best starters (which is even more important in the playoffs), a solid lineup, and a more well-rounded team all-around.

They aren't more complete than the Sox, but they are definitely better than the yankees.
I always have to root for the Yanks to lose, then I'll sort the rest out later. I know what you're saying, though.

But the Yanks can get hot at any time. Clearly not enough to do any World Series-winning. But I'd rather get 'em out now.

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