Wednesday, October 17, 2007

CSI Shit To Get Your Mind Off It

This is an easy one. The background of an mlb vote. (Note that in this vote, A-Rod is referred to as "Rodriguez," whereas Aramis Ramirez is called "A. Ramirez." Because, as we know, there's only one Rodriguez.) Anyway, you've got the buntings, so you know it's a playoff or opening homestand game. You can see the "NY" on the board, and number 36 is up. Long story short, it's Game 5 of the 2003 ALCS. Top of the fourth, Matsui on first base, Nick Johnson up. You can also see the Morse code billboard at the top right. (It says "Red Sox Nation" in code--this was before the team took this term that described our fanbase and copyrighted it. I'm slowly starting to realize that some baseball fans, even "newer" Red Sox fans, already don't remember that we were called "Red Sox Nation" before the team took the term and made a business out of it.)


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