Monday, October 15, 2007


Westbrook did a little better than Dice. And the double plays killed us. Killed us.

Gotta win tomorrow, and then it becomes a best-of-three, with us having the home field advantage.

I guess Beckett going in game 5 means he starts a more important game--we'll either be on the brink of elimination or trying to take a 3-2 lead going home. If you have him go game 4 on three days rest, and he loses, then you're on the brink, and he can't go in the next two games. Thinking of it this way makes sense. I just hope to Gedman that Wake gets the magic back tomorrow night.

Contest update: Novy/Dan, the only scorers tonight, get on the board and move into a tie for third.


3/Kara & Pweezil / 7
5/AJM & Laureen / 6
6/Soxy Lady & Allen / 2
7/Novy & Dan / 2
1/Peter & Ryan / 1
2/Matty & Quinn / 0
4/savethejellys & Rebecca / 0
8/Jay & Michael Leggett / 0
9 & beyond/my mom / 0

Do or die time, not literally, but much the same, for Timmy and the Sox. Bring 'em in, Jere!
Mom here:
I'm biased (understatement) but Dice-K had a number of pitches in crucial situations called strikes that were clearly balls. (I don't have HD for nuthin'.)
Who was that plate umpire anyway?
I could just hear Castiglione in my mind saying "that's a squander" after the Sox had the bases loaded with no outs and not scoring.

Also, that umpire was terrible, but terrible in both directions.
Ump, indeed, very, very poor. I forget who it was. "He won't ump our games any more!"

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