Sunday, October 14, 2007

Contest Standings Through Two Games


3/Kara & Pweezil / 7
5/AJM & Laureen / 6
6/Soxy Lady & Allen / 2
1/Peter & Ryan / 1
2/Matty & Quinn / 0
4/savethejellys & Rebecca / 0
7/Novy & Dan / 0
8/Jay & Michael Leggett / 0
9 & beyond/my mom / 0

Kara/Pweezil widened their lead with three in the third, but AJM/laureen, who were already in second, kept pace with three in the fifth. And that was your scoring for game two. My mom had three chances, but came away with nothing. She is assured of their being a Sox ninth inning for the next three games, though.


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