Monday, October 08, 2007

Contest And Other Stuff

[CONTEST UPDATE, 10/11/07, 2:15 AM: All spots are filled, see here.]

[CONTEST UPDATE, 10/8/07, 1:11 PM: As you can see in the comments, the first nine spots have been taken, but (between 1-8) people have already signed up for the second nine, and I need more, so if you haven't entered yet, do it now (until you hear me say stop). See below for details.]

If Cleveland wins Monday night, I will have nailed the predictions for both ALDS series. Don't think that means I was rooting against the Indians tonight, though. But the longer this series goes, the less-rested the winner will be. In fact, the series going five games would be very beneficial to us, but, of course, in game four, it's "go whoever's playing the Yanks," as usual.

Another prediction made at my house came true tonight: both my girlfriend and I said Clemens would "go three," and that, therefore, even if Dunbar won, it wouldn't be because of him. We actually overestimated him. The Nixon dong was sweet.

Shortly after that, though, we went to a Henry Rollins spoken-word performance. Picked a good night for it--we got to the whole Sox game, and only the good part of the Yanks game. Rollins was really funny. I've been listening to his talkie-talkie albums for--wow, I guess I can say "almost two decades" now. He is an entertaining dude. He was able to captivate a huge crowd for over three hours. Check hims records out at your local Crazie Eddie's or whatever.

CONTEST! Okay, here's the deal. Back in the day, my dad and his fellow teachers would have pools--weekly football, March Madness, Super Bowl squares, etc.--which I was always allowed to play in. In October, we'd do the playoff series composite linescore pool. Basically, everybody gets a half-inning. At the end of the series, whoever's inning has the most total runs wins the pot. (I specifically remember the 1986 ALCS, and my dad being allowed to get Red Sox half-innings for us, and everyone understood.) For the 2007 ALCS, you can enter for free, and instead of using Sox and Indians/Yanks innings, we'll just use the Sox, so nobody has to root for the other team. The person who gets the ninth inning also gets any extra-inning runs (but also can get screwed if there's no ninth inning in some games, so it kind of evens out). Here's how you get your inning: Comment on this post saying you want to be in the contest. Comments are hidden until I approve them, so the first person to comment will get the first inning, and so on. But you won't see who has what inning until all nine are filled. If enough people enter, I'll up the number of players to 18 maximum, with person 10 through 18 also getting innings one through nine, and there would be two prizes. So, remember, don't try to pick an inning, you will be assigned one. You can try to estimate it, like, since it's 1:20 AM now, and you read this at 1:25 and REALLY want the first inning, comment right away, but if you really want a later inning, wait awhile. Get it?

The prize: Don't know yet. It will be along the lines of "autographed '80s Red Sox player baseball card," but maybe something different. So just enter, but know that you'll be giving me your address if you win, so if you don't want to do that, don't enter.

Hello Jere, on this morning after Magic Sunday. I am so proud of our team......and it doesn't matter if there's a prize, or not. An autographed book would be JUST FINE! That was a hint......have a great week while the Sox enjoy 4 days off!
Count me in...
Sounds fun. I'm in.
Okay, I'm in.
Count me in, sounds fun!
I want to be in the contest please, Jere !!! :)

I'm in. Great idea. Go Sox!

Mom here.
I'm in.
Meanwhile, the last hit Clemen's gives up in his career is a home run off the bat of our beloved Trot.
That is just so Sweet Caroline--so good, so good, so good.
I would say...6th.
Had a problem leaving comment earlier, so sorry if this is a duplicate, Jere. Please do count me in, as it sounds like fun!!
I'd like to try, too, please.
Thanks Jere!
I'd like in, if you're still selecting a second nine. but you don't need to send me any prizes; winning is good enough for me!
Me too, please.
I want in. I mean, there's only one October, right?
Red Sox Sweep Angels, easily. Indians take 2-1 lead over Yankees:

Aliens come by spaceship, taking Bud Selig, hostage;

He appears on Giant Screens in Fenway Park & Jacobs Field, as well as on TBS & TNT;

He declares that all Playoffs be suspended & The Yankees declared World Champions. They tell Bud “Show us the Man who taught us about Derek Jeter”;
A Ship flies with Bud, to Bryn Mawr, PA, outside of Philly. It lands in the front yard;
They ring the bell. A woman answers & said, “My Husband is in the shower, coloring his hair, red. What do you want with him, Bud?”

“We need your husband to answer some questions. His answers may save post-season”, exclaimed by Bud;

“What kind of questions’, the woman asked. Bud stated “Red Sox Trivia”, to which the woman panicked. She cried “He’s Got This Jeter Thing. I must clip him, gently with a rod’;

“Do as you musi’, said Bud;

Then onto the ship, Bud, The Aliens & The Mystery Man With The Red Hair Dye, went;

The Mystery Man was to be quizzed on Red Sox Knowledge, by the one, known as “The Omnipotent Quotient”, based in some Boston Suburb, called Brooklyn, NY, not too far from Ebbets Field(About 10 Minutes by Q Train to Prospect Park). The Omnipotent Quotient was polishing his wand, listening to Bob Murphy’s Famous Victory Call(They Win the Damn Game, 10-9);

The Omnipotent Quotient was secluded in an upstairs Loft on 2nd Avenue, between East 13th & East 14th Street, while the Mystery Man must consume The Liquid, Fermented Bread of Monks-only one pint will do;

The Mystery Man was relaxed after consuming the Fermented Liquid Bread Of Monks. The OQ began his quizzing;

“In 1967, who won Baseball’s Triple Crown?’
MM; Carl Yastremski;
OQ: In 1942, Ted Williams lost out to which player for MVP;
MM; Joe Gordon of The NY Yankees;
OQ: These Two Hall Of Famers were Red Sox Broadcast Colleagues from 1954 to 1959. Name these two Ford C Frick award Winners;
MM Curt Gowdy & Bob Murphy;

OQ: Accordingly my good & brave soul, for thoigh hast saved the Post Season;
MM; It’s a Grand Feeling. Joe & I are working Friday Night in the ALCS;

OQ; After more of this Fermented Liquid Bread Of The Monks, you won’t remember;
MM; It’s as if I’ve died and have gone to The Riviera;

This enrages The Grand Huge Pez, who bellows “F--- The Riviera”;

& Post Season Plays On
I want whatever the hell Leggett's on...
In classic Matty fashion, you comment JUST before I put up a new post.
I'm in .. why the heck not ..
Me, too
Okay, that's it. Close enough. Two people each for 1-8, and my mom has the ninth.

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