Friday, October 05, 2007

Celtic Price

This sounds absolutely bizarre. Some kind of live sit-com with a raw bar and jazz music featuring Red Sox players at the casino. They don't tell you the price, but I checked, and it's only five dollars per ticket. By "five," I mean "five hundred." But it's a six-ticket limit, so grab that $3,000 you have in your couch cushions and support Youk's new charity. Hey, I guess if it all goes to the poor kids, that's cool. I just hope they give you a goodie bag with some fun-size Milky Ways at the very least.

In cheaper, but no less outrageous, ticket news, we're going to some Celtics games this season. *gasps from the crowd* "You must be very rich, or very special. Celtics tickets simply can't be obtained." Wrong! Wrong! People hear this stuff and they believe it. "All tickets sold out." Sure, they sold all their season ticket packages. But they capped those off at a certain point to ensure there were some individual game tickets left. So I went to the team site a few weeks back, and I saw a thing that said "sign up for this free newsletter, and be allowed to buy tickets a few days before the general public on-sale date." So I did, and that day, I went online and got the game we wanted, pretty good seats, too. Then yesterday, they sent an email saying more tickets would be released at noon today. I didn't think of it until 1:30, but I still got some really cheap (NBA cheap, I should say) seats to an early-season game. So, take it from your pal who's going to tonight's Red Sox playoff game for face value, me, tickets are available for everything, you just have to pay the slightest bit of attention. But your first step should always be to go right to the source of the tickets.

Oh, and no, I'm not jumping on the yet-to-really-exist because-they-haven't done-anything-yet Celtics bandwagon. I've just never been to a game at the Boston Garden, and every year my girlfriend and I say we're gonna go, but this is the first year we've both lived in the Boston area, so it's much easier than in the past, when we could really only go to Saturday games, which seem to be pretty rare.

P.S. No one will truly get the title of this post. When the movie Celtic Pride came out on video, the video store in my town had a little sign for it that read, "Celtic Price." So I've always referred to it as such. So, unless you're Jason Lageman or Dan Kish or whoever, you can just keep thinkin' I was referring to the "price" of "Celtic" tickets. Which I was anyway.

Completely unrelated to the Celtics or Celtic Price, but I'm watching game 2 right now and the umps are totally sticking it to the Sox. What is up with this? I think an investigation is in order. The Halos are bitching about calls that aren't even close, but this is 2 games in a row where the Sox have been hosed on balls/strikes as well as Lugo getting thrown out in game 1. It's crap! INVESTIGATE THIS!

PS - When DiceK tries to get cute and nibble around the strike zone he ends up throwing 400 pitches and getting pounded. Not cool.

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