Wednesday, October 03, 2007


That game went just like I hoped and thought it would. How often can you say that?

I thought we'd get a few more runs against Lackey, but all we needed was one tonight. Beckett was awesome. If Dice-K can have a second Sox year next season that's anything like Josh's has been this year, we'll be unstoppable in 2008.

So now we get to put our full concentration on a Dunbar loss tomorrow. Then I go to Fenway Friday night.

TBS wasn't too horrible, but they did make that fundamental mistake of missing parts of the game. First at bats of innings were tough for them. I don't know how this could ever happen, but it does. Stone and Robinson were fine for the most part.

Just flipped on the Cubs, and it's Dick Stockton, always a voice that brings back memories. Sounds like Ron Darling is the color guy.

Tomorrow I'll give you pics from Sunday, which was the last regular season game. They came out pretty good--day games produce clearer pics.

Oh, I was really frustrated with TBS! They did keep missing at bats at the beginning of innings--I missed the first two Pedroia at bats--and also, when Beckett struck out #6 (or was it 7?) they didn't even pause in their conversation to mention it. I miss Jerry and Don already!

Hooray for pictures from Sunday, though.
Well, I should clarify: they weren't all bad compared to Fox.

Remy was on NESN's post-game coverage, too, along with TC and Rice.
Mom here.
I knew we would win when Anderson got up to bat. I said to Dad, "Wow! That guy's only got one eye!" We were to learn that he was suffering from conjunctivitis. I think Terry would have rested him until he could open his right eye.
TBS sucked. Stone was solid, as usual, but Robinson blew. Plus they missed parts of game action, plus there was like 1 or 2 times where they would show a replay of a questionable ball/strike call.

On another note... The umps tried to fuck the Sox and yet we prevailed. Sweet.
Orsillo was great in Phillies-Rockies:

Ron Darling was working with Dick Stockton. Darling was in the CF Bleachers @ Fenway, in '75, while Stockton was in the NBC Both. Darling of SNY, got the TBS Gig, from working 2 Innings with Donny O, on NESN in '06.
Hey Jere - you got to Fenway about as much as anyone I "know" - think you can help me out in determining all of the Red Sox At-Bat songs?


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