Friday, October 12, 2007

Announcing. Ment. Announcement.

When the third inning of tonight's game starts, mute your TV (if you hadn't by then), and click here (and then click on the GedMan icon) to listen to ME call a few innings over the internet.

You know how sometimes I have an idea but then someone else beats me to actually doing, and then I get all mad, even though it's my own fault for not following through? Well, finding out about this new site that lets you announce games is NOT one of those times. We've ALL had the idea to announce games or have our own talk shows. I'm totally glad someone finally made it possible and all I have to do is start announcing, while they do all the technical work.

The site is called Youcastr. Basically, it's legal because all you're doing there is broadcasting yourself talking, with completely original material. As long as you don't let the sound of your TV in through your microphone, you're not, you know, making any accounts and descriptions of the game you're watching, so you don't need the expressed, written consent of anybody. We think. I'm sure sports leagues will get pissed, but for now, the site is running. So tune in tonight and listen to me. I figure I'll just do a few innings. I did a test last night and it went well, but going a full nine would be tough, especially since I really care about the game, and will need to be jumping around the room and screaming and stuff, especially later in the game. Oh, that's another thing: When you do a game (the whole site is free), you say what team you're rooting for, if any, so people can choose who they listen to. Obviously, you know who I'm rooting for, but I won't Rizzuto out on anybody. I'll just try to give you a better experience than McCarver does.

So go there tonight, find the right game (my link at the top of this post should take you right to it), and click on my name there ("GedMan"), or on my little picture, which right now is Ortiz spraying Papelbon in the face. Once you hear me announcing, you can go back to whatever else you were doing on the web--just don't close the Youcastr window. Thanks. Also, while you're listening, you can comment on the message board which is on the same page.

Oh, and archived broadcasts are not available yet, but apparently they will be soon. For now, you'll be getting a secret, disappearing broadcast, which you can overhype to your friends later. And which my girlfriend may join me on! We may be the next Castiglione and Coleman!

Very cool!!!

Is there much of a delay?
Good question. I hope it's just close enough so that you can tell what I'm announcing.

Of course, sometimes people are behind other people, depending how they're watching the game, so maybe for some people there will be a delay, for some it'll be perfect, and for some I'll be ahead. Hopefully, everyone's porridge will be just right.
I'm sure you'll be 1000x better than Glenn Geffner!
I absolutely think you should Rizzuto out on everybody. Start giving pasta recipes, talking about cannolis, announcing birthdays. Just don't leave in the 7th inning.
Oh, I'll do THOSE Rizzuto things:) I just meant I won't be a total homer. But who am I kidding? There will be no mistaking who I'm rooting for.

I just won't sit there going, "Come on, Papi..come on....yes! Go, go go! Woohooo. Awesome!!!!!" You all can hear that stuff coming out of your own mouths. But, again, I have to cheer when something good happens, so I'll stop before the critical late innings when I really need to be moving around, screaming, etc. Then again, it could be a blowout.
That sounds like so much fun! God you are sure to be better than any of those National guys, they are crud! Sorry I will be TiVo'ng tonite's game (which is KILLIN' me) and wont be home to catch teh webcast until after 9PM. Let us know once they figure out how to archive, or if there is any way you can mike yourself and post it here on your own, that would be fun.
this sounds way fun and right up your alley! I have to set the DVR for the first half of the game tonight - my son's hockey coach called practice tonight ... I laughed when I talked to him and he said the Red Sox will forgive me ... it's sad they know so much about me ....

do you have some kind of tape recorder and you can save your "live" broadcast? what about using the video camera? We could WATCH your broadcast !

Good luck with it tonight - GO SOX!
hey Jere, listenting to you now on YouCastr, great broadcast, and you're hillarious
Thanks! You liked me better than the Joy of Sox crowd did!
I don't know what you said or how long you went - was watching the nieces, and keeping the tv on was about all I could manage - but if you started in the 3rd, like you said, THEN YOU HAD BETTER DO IT AGAIN! (only, for the sake of me & savethejellys, could you start in the 4th this time? thanx)

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