Thursday, October 11, 2007

ALCS Contest


1/Peter & Ryan
2/Matty & Quinn
3/Kara & Pweezil
4/savethejellys & Rebecca
5/AJM & Laureen
6/Soxy Lady & Allen
7/Novy & Dan
8/Jay & Michael Leggett
9/my mom

Okay, with only minor complications, the innings are now set. Once I got to 17 people, I just figured I'd end it there, and leave just my mom with that screwy ninth inning. So see what inning you've got in the chart above, and root for the Red Sox in it a little harder than you do during all the other innings. If the Sox score more runs in your inning during the entire series than in any other inning, you and your buddy will each win a prize.

Tie breaker: Let's just say if multiple innings end up with the same amount of runs, the one, out of those, with the least number of Indians runs gets it. If it's still tied after that, the next tie-breaker will be the one with the highest number of hits by the Sox. After that it will go to the one with least amount of Cleveland hits. After that, it will be a duel to the death. And since there would be two people on each side, it would be tag-team. The team with the last person alive wins. If the final two people die at the exact same moment as determined by autopsy reports, I'll present prizes to all four contestants--although in that case I'd be presenting them to surviving family members. Oh, and Ryan, if you're wondering why you didn't get the 6th, go back and read the rules again, haha. Unless you were joking.

If you missed this Onion article about the Yanks, check it out. (Thanks, Amy!) Oh, and nice job by A-Rod tonight on Letterman. There was a segment about what the Yanks are doing this offseason. After a couple of still shots of players followed by shots of normal vacation activities, they cut to a taped shot of A-Rod, "relaxing" by having some dude massage him, while both were shirtless. (I think the masseuse was Biff Henderson, but I was too busy looking at A-Rod trying to make sure it was actually him.) So, good to see the guy laugh at himself, but in classic A-Rod fashion, he probably didn't wait long enough and will be criticized for having fun when he "should" be sulking. I thought it was funny, though.

Jere, I hope the autopsy results won't be needed! And good luck everyone....especially our Sox. Batter and fry Sabathia, in ANY inning!!!!! Peter
I'm not wondering, I realized right after I commented that I wasn't, like, [beatnik voice] conforming to your fascist rules, man.

TJ by me.

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