Sunday, October 14, 2007

5 Hours

Trot, for having been replaced by someone who does the same job as you, only for way more money, you deserve it. Congratulations.

Red Sox, for putting Eric Gagne on the mound (for any reason), you deserve what you got, too.

And that's all I'm gonna say about that vomit-inducing game for now.

I'm going to pose a question that is not terribly original, as it is being asked by every other poster on every Sox forum.

Why the fuck is Gagne even ON the post-season roster in the first place? I'm not so much amazed that he continues to suck (that's a given). I'm just amazed that he is even wasting a roster spot in the first place.

Again, as has been pointed out by others, Tavarez.... 1) Has shown to be a better pitcher than Gagne. 2) Has "earned" the right to be on the roster for giving his all for the team the whole year. And 3) Is actually capable of pitching 3+ innings, something that would've been VERY useful in games such as tonight's debacle.

Additionally, Lopez is also a waste of a roster spot. And I'm not just saying that in retrospect of tonight's nut-crushing loss. It's a question that was looming from the get-go, when the roster was anounced. He's supposed to be a "left handed specialist." That's all well and good. Unfortuntately, being a left-handed specialist is totally moot, when you can't get anyone out.
Me too. The page, at least for me, has been turned.
My dream scenario is that we DL Gagne and Lopez and bring up Tavarez and Corey by Game 3.
Ugh. I actually went to bed when Gagne was brought in. Just had a bad feeling.

On the bright side - doesn't your mom get credit for all of the extra inning runs in the contest you're having?
She would have, if the Red Sox had scored any...

Good points, everybody.
To clarify: It's only Red Sox innings that count. So she's in bad shape for the tie-breaker, having given up 7. So, no, no bright side.
Thanks, Jay, for trying to confuse the issue.
Jere's Mom

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