Tuesday, October 30, 2007


The 2007 Red Sox went through the playoffs much in the same way the '04 team did. Sweep, followed by greatest or tied-for-second greatest comeback ever, followed by tied-for-biggest ever World Series win. (In terms of number of games.)

We all have our own memories related to each postseason. In '03, I ate chips and salsa for dinner during most of it, for some reason. '04 was the "briefly living with my sister and her four kids, and I'm happy to help out, but please make sure I just get to watch each game in peace" postseason. This year was definitely the Shining postseason at our house. And, of course, the one where I got to see the celebrations live. I'll never forget it. If anyone's thinking about taking these championships for granted, please re-think.

It was also the "Frank TV" postseason, the "swarm of bugs" postseason, and the "carrot cam" postseason. That last one's referring to the behind-the-plate camera that Fox used which made Indians' and Red Sox' sleeves appear orange.

So much has happened in this one day since the win. All the Yankee news, which will be covered later--they've taken up enough of our time recently. Edgar goes to the Tigers. The Red Sox come home. I thought about going over to Fenway for that, but I figured I'm gonna see all those guys tomorrow at the Rolling Rally. But it was fun watching them on TV: Werner talking about how it took so much effort for he and Jack Hank to raise the trophy, only to see Papi hoist it one-handed, as if it were a miniature version. Papelbon saying he's been puking all morning, and answering the "will you dance" question for the millionth time. Cora going right up to the platform where Remy and TC were, and telling them how ever since the Yankees dissed Bernie, their home country of Puerto Rico has been rooting for the Sox. Papi being asked if he's tired, and saying "a little bit."

So, we'll get to cheer for our Red Sox one more time tomorrow. I can't say enough about these dudes.

Beckett. Became truly dominant this year. Learned to keep the temper in check. Did what we thought he could do. Kept it up in the playoffs. May get a Cy Young award.

Buchholz. We knew he'd be good. But we got a no-hitter right away. Hang onto this kid.

Corey. Led that bullpen band to glory.

Delcarmen. Really coming into his own now. Was never scared.

Donnelly. Gave his all, until they wouldn't let him give any more. Still was there every game, in his first year with us.

Gagne. For a guy who did that poorly, he certainly never hid from anybody.

Lester. I knew this guy would do great in Game Four. For some reason, a lot of people didn't. I feel like if Buchholz hadn't thrown a no-hitter, Lester would've gotten a lot more credit.

Lopez. Threw in some serious bombs, but proved to be a necessary part of the 'pen.

Matsuzaka. Great job coming over here. Has really shown us what could be next year, and I think it will be.

Okajima. Amazing. We absolutely wouldn't have won without him.

Papelbon. Watch out, Mo.

Schilling. Pulled a Pedro, realizing he has to become a pitcher once he couldn't be a thrower any more. And succeeded. And still was great in the big games.

Snyder. Another invaluable part of the 'pen, even though some people think of him as Kramer when he went to "work" for that company just by starting to show up one day.

Tavarez. For a hot-head, he sure has proven to be pretty cool.

Timlin. Awesome. I love when you can really feel connections with people who share opposite political views with you, and when you can find things in common with them.

Wakefield. When we got him, I was 19. Now I'm 32. Great guy. Gave us a lot of quality performances this year, even when "real" writers were still completely passing him off as a novelty act.

Mirabelli. Without him, who catches Timmy?

Varitek. I still don't know if I'm considered to be "just another dumb fan" if I believe that his work with the pitching staff is a huge deal. But I don't care. I'm gonna agree with people who say that. He's the captain, and he's got two rings.

Clayton. Another guy whose baseball card I had as a teenager. I had no idea he was such a comedian. The perfect addition to a fun, non-robot, non-Yankee team.

Cora. Another vet who I'm sure anyone close to the team would tell you we needed in order to get it done this year.

Hinske. Always gave it everything he had. I liked how he was genuinely happy when he did well.

Lowell. World Series MV F'n P. What a guy. What a player. Will see him at Fenway next year. (!)

Lugo. It's not a team if there isn't a guy out there who makes you nervous. But he was there all year, and really came through big a bunch of times.

Pedroia. I love that this guy will be our second baseman for a long time to come. Was the guy you wanted to have up over anyone else for a huge stretch of the year. That says a lot in a lineup with Manny and Papi.

Youkilis. Awesome. Never asked him to be more than average on defense, but in addition to his solid bat, he's now a Gold Glove-caliber first baseman.

Crisp. I love Coco. Gave us so much in the field this year, and was still ready to play even when Jacoby took over.


I said, "Drew." Oh, sorry. Just, uh, lost it for a second there. Okay, right, Drew. Stepped it up at playoff time. And that really is the most key time.

Ellsbury. I still think it may just be a really good dream I had.

Kielty. One World Series at bat. One World Series-winning dong!

Ramirez. I have cherished every second he's been here since I got his jersey in the winter he signed with us. I hope he's still here in '08.

Ortiz. "Is it better to be loved, or feared?" Apparently, both at the same time works just fine.

Tito and every other dude who doesn't play--We asked for the best, you gave us the best. Twice. Can I believe it? Well, Mike Lowell was on the cover of the New York Times today, so.....

Thank you, 2007 Red Sox.

And thank you, RSF/PT readers.

Julio Lugo: 33 stolen bases. That's 5 more than Coco Crisp.
Pefect, Jere....as always. Enjoy the parade today...the weather will be perfection!
Game over, Series over, and the Red Sox are World Champs again... Has a nice "ring" to it, doesn't it? And I believe that ,in some cosmic way, you played a big part in their success. Thanks for adding a whole new dimension to being a Red Sox fan.
The only down bit in there is Gagne--and I feel a lot better about him since I heard him say that "other than wishing I pitched better, I have no regrets".

It still hasn't sunk in that they won yet, though. I keep thinking about it, but not registering it. When I finally get it, I'll probably start screaming.
"in some cosmic way, you played a big part in their success."

Haha. Thanks.

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