Saturday, September 15, 2007

Yanks Win. But Are Still Pricks.

That's a game where every time the Sox (or anyone else playing the Yanks) have men on, no matter what the lead already is up to, you're screaming at them to get more, more, more. But they leave guys on. Repeatedly.

Not that I wasn't confident. But these games are just so long, I feel like we had at least a couple of wins tonight. Unfortunately, it was one looonnngg game, and we get the L.

I'll be at Fenway tomorrow, hoping to see us turn the tables on the dog butt-sniffers.

I still hate the wild card. It'll be cool to see us win the division, but I hate to see a race where the loser wins, too, and has the same shot to win as one of the division winners. In 2004, I was disappointed we didn't win the division. Granted, at that moment, I moved on, and was psyched for the playoffs. But for the whole end of the season, while some cities enjoy it, I guess, we get mainly meaningless baseball, instead of a true race.


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