Saturday, September 22, 2007

Yankee Fans On Ledge!

2.5 with 8 to play! Yankee Yoonaverse in panic mode! Perfectly acceptable excuses like "the division was a long shot anyway" at the ready!

Tonight, 10:30 PM:

Anthony: This is it, baby, tied up! Just how we planned it. Keepin' the pressure on Baws'in.

Vinny: That's right, baby. Yankees, baby.

Anthony: Can't be stopped. What'd I tella ya? Surging, baby, surging. Another crown for God's team. The Great Mariano is ready if we have to win this in extras.

Vinny: Joba, baby.

(together): Joba, baby.

Tonight, midnight:

Anthony: Playoffs, all that matters, baby.

Vinny (crying): Joba, baby?

You may know this about me, but I love it when the Yanks almost win but still lose. This was the ultimate. They come back in the ninth with a TYR: errors, bloops, and they look assured of a win. But Paula Zaun's 14th inning homer wins it for the Jays. What a weird night. The Jays seemed to have it locked up, up four going bottom nine. We're about to leave for a little trip, and we figure we'll just wait til that game ends, knowing the Sox have already won, Beckett getting his 20th. And we sit, and wait, and wait. And finally we just leave, only to find out much later in the car that the Yanks had lost it in extras. Huge game, division-wise.

Considering we missed the playoffs last year, I like the fact that we're two wins away from clinching this year. Magic number for the division is 7.


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