Tuesday, September 04, 2007

With 24 To Go

If the Yanks go 7-2 in their final nine home games, and 9-6 in their final 15 road games, the Red Sox would just need to go 10-14 from here on out to win the division.

Etc, etc.

[Update, 5:16 PM, This just in: Clemens to miss next two starts. So, despite that I'm sure that he was dying to pitch at Fenway, he'll just barely not be able to make it. Gee whiz, what are the odds? Ohhhh wellll. That leaves the Yanks staff looking like this for the next two weeks: Nobody, nobody, nobody, kinda Pettitte, kinda Wang. Go Seattle, it's yours for the taking!]

"Plantin' seeds"..... Pretty prophetic! Any suggestions for Wednesday's Powerball?
Always pick 1. And then go with a bunch of numbers you absolutely hate. (Note: I haven't won any jackpots with this method. But that just means I'm picking the wrong "junk numbers.")

So, for tonight, I'll go 1, 14, 15, 26, 32, with powerball 20.

Ever get that long of an answer to a rhetorical question?
What makes you think it was rhetorical? ;-)
In this little corner of N'Hampsha our motto is "In Jere We Trust."

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