Thursday, September 20, 2007

Weird People

I'm really into this White & Nerdy video by Weird Al. Love the Pac-Man lights. There's so much stuff I actually do in there. I was thinking, though, where do "baseball card/boxscore geeks" fit into the nerd scheme? Are we actually cooler than the D&D crowd? Or do they not acknowledge us since athletics are involved?

It's also interesting how Al will make me realize that some pop song I ignored is actually pretty good. Oh, and Al actually rolled onto the stage on a Segue to perform this song last night.

Another clip I keep watching is this Feist performance from Letterman. (It's the song from the ipod commercial that you can't get out of your head and you surely either love or hate because you're a human being.) Feist used to sing in Broken Social Scene, who I saw and described on this blog back in 2005. (The day Schilling became a "closer" and "blew" that "save" to the Yanks as I recall.) Anyway, yeah, those vocals kind of rip of Joanna Newsom, but I still love that song. And this performance on Dave is really cool. I love songs that have that buildup, going from "kid alone in basement" to "all-out 4th of July sing-along bash." Or maybe I should say Canada Day bash. That "bash" is a weird word, eh? Amongst the singers in the background are my boy from Mates of State, and, yes, my girl from Mates of State.

All this music's getting pretty incestuous, with all these people working with other groups. And, is this what's popular now? These people that are just kind of normal people, making really understated, uncomplicated music? Do people like Nickelback more or fake indie-rock more? Have people decided anti-folk is an actual term? Is this yet another "year indie broke"? Can someone tell me what's going on?

In other news, a Yankee fan asked (in a rejected comment) why people are reading my blog. Let me clarify that statement: THE Yankee fan who has come to my blog at least ten times a day for over a year is asking why OTHER people are coming here? I don't know, guy, but I must be doing something right. Obviously.

Well, Jere, it's nice when they prove our point about Yankees fans, isn't it? ;-)
Yup. They always do, too.
I must check this blog about 25-30 times a day. Kinda scary when you think about it. Although I managed to go an entire week in Europe without looking at anything other than the scores.
Your patronage is always appreciated.

So where'd you go in the Ol' World?
Isn't it great to be recognized by MFY fans, Jere? Today I discovered that one of those fans found my site and the fact that I referred to the Bleacher Creature morons as "mutton heads" back in August. On some MFY site, he started a thread and referred to Yours Truly as "Ass Douche Sux Fan."

I feel so honored.
Well, a good friend of mine was getting married in the middle of England (kinda to the northeast of Manchester) so we decided to spend a few days before that in London, and a few days after that in Paris. Lots of walking around in Notting Hill, SoHo, and then in Montmartre, the Latin Quarter, Ile-St-Louis. Unfortunately, very expensive to travel over there right now with the exchange rates. My friend (who is actually your age I believe...see, I hang out with young folks) got married in a church which dates back to 1080 ad...although the current owners have made lots of investments in stuff like Monster Seats and a new concourse along the left field line.

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