Thursday, September 20, 2007

Waste Of Space

You know this Richie Rich fashion boy who bought the Bonds ball? And how he's asking the public to vote on what he should do with the ball? (Note: this is called a publicity stunt and we're all playing right into it.) Option A is send it to the Hall of Fame. Option B is to put an asterisk on it and then send it to the Hall. Option C is to send it to outer space on a rocket ship.

Has anyone bothered to ask this guy how exactly he'd go about sending a ball into outer space? Is there a point where you get so rich, you just buy rockets and then take space cruises from your back yard? Woohoo, look at me! I'm goin' to space! 3-2-1 blastoff! Be back in forty-five minutes!

Or is he gonna go to NASA and just knock on the door? If I were NASA, I'd be like, "get the fuck outta here! We're doing important scientific shit with these rockets! We don't save room on board for shit that people wanna get rid of! What kind of a ragtag operation you think we're runnin' here?? If I see you snoopin' around here one more time I swear to god I'll kill you with my bare hands. Now take your stupid ball, and go design some more T-shirts that nobody gives a shit about. Jerk."

Here's a vote for ya:

What should I do with the lint I just pulled outta my innie?

A. Act like I and it are special.

B. Some stupid second shitty option that nobody cares about.

C. Act like I have the power to control what goes to/from space.

If he has money to burn on a worthless ball. Trust me he has money to burn on a rocket.

I like that idea the best!
Keep saving the lint...then you can use it to make Gedman's hair on the macaroni elbow collage you're probably making of his greatest moments...
Careful what you wish for, guy.

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