Friday, September 07, 2007

Upcoming (Math Ahead)

The Yanks have 22 games left. 7 home, 15 road. We've got 21 left. 12 home, 9 road.

Up until we play Dunbar for three games, starting September 14th, each club has six games. Let's say they win 5 of 6. If we take just 3 of 6 (against TB and Balty), we'd be 4.5 up going in to our series with them. Take one out of three against the Yanks, and that puts us 3.5 up with 12 games left.

The above scenario is pretty lousy, but would still leave us in position to win the division. If we do as good as they do over the next six, and then take two of three against them, we're 7.5 up with 12 to play. If we do one better than them over the next six and then sweep the Yanks, we're 10.5 up with 12 to play.

As far as the ol' W.C. Fields, if the Yanks lose tonight, they'll be 2 up, as either the Tigers or Mariners will win tonight, as they're playing each other. After tonight, we have to root for the team who's within two of them. The preferred team is the M's, as they're only two back now in the loss column. So a Mariners sweep would be gold. But if they lose game one and two, we root Detroit for game three and beyond.


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