Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Okay, guys. We've got a one-run lead. Six outs to go. Plan A: The shittiest fucking pitcher we have. Plan B: None.

As I'm watching Gagne pull a himself, I'm thinking about how he and Drew should get into a van, and go driving along side a high cliff. Drew could do the gas and brakes, and Gagne could steer. That way Drew will miss the brake pedal, and Gagne would steer off the cliff. And sure enough, the final blow--after THREE walks by Gagne--is a ball that Trot Nixon catches on crutches.

Top of the ninth now, and we find ourselves down two. Now we need a comeback....one out.

How do you not have Papelbon ready??? He can't get 4 outs tonight??? He can't get up after the first walk? The second walk? The third walk? Two outs now.

Now Lugo homers. A stinking solo shot with two outs, down two. Only Lugo could frustrate me this much with a home run! And Jacoby's out. 2.5 up. Terrible job by the Red Sox team site for putting up a magic number on the official website. Let the fans worry about that. The number hasn't moved since they put it up.

In better news, I'm seeing Weird Al tomorrow night.

Well put. "Pulling a himself" is about right. Hasn't Papelbon not pitched since Saturday?

It's getting less and less fun to root for the Sox living in NY this month.
I obviously picked a bad week to come back from Europe. I should have stayed there until November.

Seriously, when did Francona suddenly turn into Grady Gump? His bullpen management over the past week has been even worse than Grady's...gave away two games to the MFYs, and now last night.

I'm no fan of Drew's, but Trot wouldn't have caught that ball either. And I don't understand Lugo for hitting a hr...not his fault the rally ended after him.
I think that when the rooks were dressed up in costumes to go to Toronto, someone should have dressed Francona as Grady Little and put him on a plane to L.A.
Why was the Drew play shown just that one other time? I really think he went left instead of back on that ball. I think ANYbody else catches it, but they were to busy analyzing Gagne's reaction to take a close look at Drew's path to the ball.

The Lugo HR: I hate when someone hits a HR in the ninth to cut it to one. With a double, you've still got the tying run up, but the pitcher is forced to be in the stretch, and there's a rally feel to it. Youk did it in that last Yankee Stadium series. It's a horrible feeling for me, because I want to cheer the home run, but instead I'm immediately pissed. It continues to show me that Lugo's in a world of his own, swinging for the fences like an '02 Yankee, when all we need it for him to get on base.
Not a very good situation here. Jere I do commend you for being so up beat and thinking about the clinching game next week. I just hope we get there.

Eric: Why don't you just go sit down over there and play your magic water bottles and leave the 8th inning to someone who cares. Is he pulling a check from NY on the side? That was the best trade the Yankees have ever made! If they went after J. Dye full trottle you can bet we'd be up by at least 10 games today. Gagme wouldn't have been able to blow 4 and Jermaine would have at least won 5 for us with his bat.

.....sad situation indeed
That sounds like Tim McCarver Logic to me. Lugo did his job.
If we're playing the Yanks, and we're up 2 with two outs in the bottom of the ninth, and the batter gets a fly ball deep to the gap, I'd much rather it go out of the park than stay in.

And seriously, Lugo shouldn't be taking a home run swing when we're down two with no one on, and two outs in the ninth.

It's not like I thought it out and said, No wait, everybody, this could actually be bad. When the ball went out, I immediately started cursing. (Again, like with Youk's, to the bewilderment of my girlfriend.) The homer kills the rally. Just the way I've always seen it, I guess.
What's the difference between a 'home run' swing, and a 'double' or 'triple' swing?

He was just trying to hit the ball hard, and he did his job in that situation.
An upper-cut swing will often result in pop ups or fly balls. A level or downward swing is more likely to result in a line drive through the infield.

Also, an overswing is not optimal when a soft swing might dunk a single into the outfield.

Also, trying to pull the ball is not good if the pitch is outside, at which time the ball should be taken the other way.

I don't know if Lugo purposely set out to upper cut, or to overswing, or to pull the ball, but he did hit a home run to left field.

Regardless, I was mainly mad at the ball for going over. It is in hindsight that I say "terrible job" to Lugo himself, but only as terrible a job can be when someone hits a home run.

I totally remember making fun of the '02-ish Yanks for being down 4 in the ninth and watching home run swing after home run swing, with the bases empty.

And wait, we are talking about Lugo here. The guy's in his own world, and this just proved it to me once again. (He proves it nightly.)

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