Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tick Tick Tick

There are six home games left in the regular season, next Tuesday through Sunday. I have tickets to all of them. (All obtained at face value through the team site--so would everybody please stop saying "you can't get Fenway tickets"?)

For Tuesday, I got a single a few nights ago. Wednesday is my final 10-game plan game. Thursday, I got a SRO five minutes ago. (Loge boxes also available right now.) Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I got twos/fours for, way before the season started.

So, I've settled down (not really) from tonight's team win/Gagne loss, and I'm thinking about witnessing the clinch again. Wednesday, I have a softball game. If it's not a clinch situation that night, I'll probably play softball and let someone else have my tickets. And I don't mean I'll go to some website and try to charge 150 dollars for two 23-dollar seats like the money-grubbing civilians in scalper costumes that have taken over the world. Saturday, I've got a wedding to go to, that I've known about for quite some time. So those tickets went to a friend who's never been to Fenway before. (And if she sees the clinch, I'll never let her hear the end of it. Her and the Sox fans who decided to get married on the last weekend of the season!)

Of course, a four-game win streak combined with a five-game losing streak by the Yanks starting tomorrow, and we'll clinch before we get back to Fenway. Could happen! The momentum switches back tomorrow!!!!!

Oh, and my girlfriend and I have decided that if the Red Sox don't win the World Series this season, the final out of 2007 will be a J.D. Drew strikeout. In fact, is there anyone in the world who'd bet against this happening? Please comment if you're that one person.

There are lots of ways the Sox could lose the World Series. The most likely in my mind is that they don't even make it that far.
But I'm with you that the end of the season will be a Drew strikeout.
Are you talking about clinching the wild card?
bsb: I was saying the last out meaning whenever that may be. I didn't want to just say "the last out of the season," because we could win the World Series. So, yes, it could come before the World Series even happens. If it does happen, Drew does it.
I will confidently wager that the final out of the season as described will not be a Drew strikeout. IMO the guy has turned it around.
I've seen signs of this turnaround. Nowhere near complete in my mind, though. What will we bet?
As bad as Drew has been this year, he's been a significantly more productive hitter in September.

I'd go with Veritek; he's been absolutely abysmal in September.
Clarification : Drew will strikeout looking at the last two pitches - won't even swing.
I'm gonna go with a Gagne strikeout, who Francona pinch-hit for Ortiz because, dammit, Gagne is due to have a breakout appearance, right?
I'd like to say, I'm happy with the people who proudly don't give up, and I'm happy with the people who mock the team in comic fashion. And those who mock the team with true anger. It's all highly entertaining, and I see parts of myself in each and every one of you!
They are killing me.
Each pitch a knife to my heart.
Each year the same thing.
Nice haiku. They kill me, too. sometimes. But every year is clearly not the same!
I'm guessing that I've been placed in the 'those who mock the team with true anger' bucket. I guess that's fair. I only mock because I love too much.

Now that I've had the chance to calm down, I am persuaded by the argument going around Sox blogs that Theo/Tito care much more about setting up the pitching rotation for the ALDS than they do about winning the division. That still doesn't excuse the inept bullpen management, however.
No placement, no placement.

Joyboy said last night that Tito managed the game like a manager whose team is already in the playoffs. I replied that I've been saying that since June.

When the playoffs do start, I am confident he'll start managing like one who's trying to win at that moment. The team should be fine.
The "we'll shift gears as soon as the playoffs start" mentality is always problematic to me; guys get used to certain roles and situations, get taken out of them, then are thrust back into them. I understand what you and Alan are saying; that's one of the reasons why I, like you, Jere, hate the wild card. Maybe just getting into the playoffs is good enough for Tito/Theo, et al, but it's not good enough for me. I want to win the division!
You may have misunderstood. Allan was ripping Terry for the way he was managing last night. I was agreeing, but taking it one step further, saying he's been managing like that basically all year. (See my previous rants on "resting.")

So, yes, that's why I hate the wild card, too. It's this fallback attitude that's one of few things that could be our downfall.
Also, it just hit me that I left out a major thing in this post. I was gonna bring up how I've got tix to every game there is left, yet I'll still instinctively check the site daily to see what tickets are left! And I have, today, already.
Well, the Tigers lost again today, so the Sox are pretty much certain to be going to the playoffs again in spite of themselves. Still no excuse for choking away the division.

I've said this before, but my problem with Tito has not been the resting. It's pretty evident that Papi is very worn down. But the bullpen management has gone from poor to downright atrocious.

I do think that Manny should be playing right now if he's driving the ball in batting practice.
That was nice of you to hook up your friend. I tried that recently. A woman I work with loves baseball but has never been to a game in her LIFE. So I took her to Fenway.

She spent half the game hunched over with one finger in her ear, talking on her cell phone. Uh, you're welcome.

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