Tuesday, September 18, 2007

There's Only One October. Septembers Are A Dime A Dozen.

Joy of Sox essentially brought this up before, but:

We're 3.5 up on the Yanks, and the media talks about the surging Yanks and 1978 and all that crap. The Yanks are the same distance ahead of the Tigers in the wild card, but they portray that as "Eh, the Yanks have wrapped it up."

Terrible job as usual, most people.

Wakefield hasn't been the same since that injury. Too bad. He was pitching great before that.

So, the more the Tigers lose, the closer we get to the playoffs. I'm still rooting for them to knock the Yanks out, though. But, let's say we make the playoffs in a few days. And we still have, let's say, a one game lead in the division with a couple of games left. Do the Sox (and Yanks) play their best guys, and use their top starters in those two games? Just to get home field advantage? Or do they save their top starters, knowing they're in the playoffs anyway, and just hope for the best, thinking of the home field as a bonus if they get it? The wild card is so stupid. Apparently, this is done so the fans in Kansas City can have hope--one more team makes the playoffs out of fourteen. If they really want to give more teams hope, give them all the same amount of money to work with. Then scrap the wild card and bring back division races that mean something.

I get excited about the thought of winning the division, but it stinks knowing we were just gonna get in anyway. And when I think of us losing the division (which, of course, I only do hypothetically), I think, Oh well, what are people gonna do--accuse us of "blowing" the home field advantage but still making the playoffs and having to win the same amount of games as all the other teams? So what?

So let's just move on to the playoffs. But I would like home field, so, Red Sox, continue playing the best baseball in the majors.

(Video of the guy who took Cano's hat here. Although as of 1 AM Tuesday, it doesn't seem to be loading up. Keep trying it. Judging from the comments, this video starts after he took the hat.) (And here's something about it on Bostonist, who retaliate to Gothamist's calling the guy a "Boston Idiot" without mentioning that fans on the field (and the backstop screen) at Yankee Stadium are about as common as a Gothamist writer saying "you're simply spectacular" to a mirror.) (Oh, and if this thing is the talk of the "USA Today"-ish Red Sox blogs, and you've see it all already, I'm sorry, I don't read those sites so I wouldn't know.)

.....continue playing the best baseball in the majors.

I hope they can, I hope they might......
Dude, to continue playing the best baseball in the majors, we currently would have to be playing the best baseball in the majors. We're not, and I can't think of a way to make the case that we are. We still have the best record, yes, and may continue to do so, but I think Cleveland, Anaheim and, yes, the Yankees are all playing better than us right now. We all need to keep pulling for the Tigers; I don't think any of us have any interest in playing the Yankees one more time in 2007.
From April to now, we've played the best baseball in the majors. Not even any major slumps.

And I totally see it differently regarding the Yanks. These last two series, they played us like their playoff lives depended on it. Because they did! And what happened? Four close games, one we blew, and one we destroyed them with their ace on the mound. All without Manny. I say bring 'em on. But they won't make it to the CS anyway.
What exactly is a "USA Today"-ish Red Sox blog?

And I agree with MattySox. The Sox haven't played poorly in the second half, but the Yankees have played far better, and we had two really ugly losses to them this weekend that I blame at least partly on Tito's bad bullpen decisions...Delcarmen should have appeared in at least one, if not both, of those games. I still believe the Sox will hang onto the division, but it's still very far from over despite what you said a couple of weeks ago. Manny and Youks need to get healthy pronto, and Okajima needs a lot of rest.
USA Today-ish: Lots of colorful pictures. Rumors and gossip. Usually paid by somebody. No content.
There's some prick-wad on FSN right now saying the Red Sox "aren't a good team," the pitching's "in shambles," etc.

I'm happy to point out the things we do wrong, but things are so far from some kind of "disaster" situation. Wait til the next win, and every one will be right back to Word Series talk.
Oh, I see. So, in other words, Dirt Dog minus the racism.

I think I need to start using the word 'prick-wad'. I'm sure the opportunity will present itself.

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