Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tek's Mystery Dong

Hit tracker update:

About a week ago, I said that an ESPN anchor short-changed Jason Varitek:

"[the anchor] said, 'Varitek, usin' that short porch.' No. That was a shot, and it went well beyond the pole. That wasn't a 302. It was at least a 370. I'll check that hit tracker site tomorrow."

I checked Hit Tracker over the next two days, only to find that Tek's HR wasn't listed. What are the odds? The only time I look for a homer there all year, and they leave it out by accident. I e-mailed them, and they just got back to me, saying it must've gotten lost in the uploading process. While the dude reminded me that estimating homers in right field at Fenway is especially difficult, he came up with this.

395! I knew it. Even if he's over by 25 feet, my "at least 370" estimate would still be right. Short porch, my ass!

Tek's Mystery Dong? I thought this was a family blog.

I love the D'Rays. I wish we could play them every night. Except maybe not Kazmir.

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