Sunday, September 16, 2007

Second Place Team Wins, Stays In Second

When I talk to my dad, I know what he's gonna say about that ninth inning rally: "Too bad Pedroia didn't get a chance to swing the bat." And if he does say that, I agree. Same with Ellsbury, who got hit before Dustin walked. If I want a hit, with no offense to Papi or anybody else, I want to see Dustin up, followed by &Myers. Good to see the great Mariano still has trouble against us, and good to see that fat fuck Jobber give up a rocket dong to Lowell. Good game tonight. The Yanks will surely think of it fondly at the strip club this winter.

Terrible joba by ESPN for not noticing Stephen King behind Papi when he was on deck in the ninth. And terrible joba also when they showed two guys throwing in the Dunbar pen, and the graphic said, "62-Chamberlain." No mention of the other guy. Joba takes up a lot of space, but he's not god.

I wonder how many of these last six games with the Yanks we win with Manny in the lineup.

Scroll down for my pics from Saturday.

I saw Stephen King, too! My mom had her picture taken with him once at some teacher's thing. Kinda cool.

I was also wondering about those yankee fans in the FRONT row next to Drinkwater on Sat.? How'd they get those seats? :-)
Mom here:
This is what came down with Dad during the ninth. He basically screamed at Curt to not worry about walking Jeter. Better to walk him then throw him a meatball because then he'd have nothing to worry about from that dufus Abreu.
Alas, meatball.
We saw him at Fenway once, flying past us to his seat. I took video of it, but he was moving fast, and just disappeared after I started filming, like a big foot sighting or horror movie. Which is fitting since it was Stephen King.

My mom told me about the Yankee fans on Saturday, which I didn't see, since I was in the bleachers. That's what happens when people get greedy and sell their seats. Yankee fans in the front row.
Mom, saw your comment after I saw Amy's. So, yeah, good point by dad.

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