Sunday, September 09, 2007

Poop Rally

Another "bad advertising" radio commercial, that's currently airing on Red Sox games. Two dudes, going over a "checklist" of things they're brining to the ballgame:

"Rally cap."


Uhhh....we all know what a "rally cap" is, right? It's not a special cap you buy separate from other caps. "Get your rally caps here!" No. "Rally cap" is the term for a cap--any cap--turned inside out. People do this as an attempt to start a rally. I personally stay away from the rally cap, as I first saw it done by the '86 Mets, so I've always associated it with them. I hate it when someone in my section at a game will pressure everyone to do the rally cap. I just sit there, trying to be invisible. If only these people knew the extensive mental and non-traditional physical things I'm constantly doing (while they're on the beer line for two innings) to will the Red Sox to win, I think they'd leave me alone.

But now I'm off track. I just can't believe these advertisers can't run their ads past a baseball fan or two so they could say, That's wrong, a rally cap isn't a separate cap, it's the one you're wearing. I've never seen a person take off their hat and put on a new hat mid-game to start a rally. People have "lucky caps," but that's different. Terrible job, ad people.

Dice-K really pooped the sleeping bag last night. I heard Camden Yards played a few seconds of "Sweet Caroline," but then tricked the Sox fans by turning it off and going with their usual country bumpkin anthem or whatever. Instead of picking on Sox fans, why not rip on all the O's fans who don't show up to games? Or better yet, the Orioles' management?

But we just made up for that loss, beating the O's 3-2. Key game-winning single for Fro-co. (As opposed to Braid-co, I guess.)

Yanks have swept KC, so we lead by 5.5 with 18 to play. Tampa comes to town, while the Yanks go to Toronto.

& most of the '86 Mets Fans, are the Braying Baboons @ The Toilet, today:

The Real Mets Fans, want NO PART of the '86ers.
I say after the next few nights. The Yanks come to Fenway 8 games out just like last time the Sox met them in NY a few weeks back!

Just a hunch. Mussina and 2 AA pitchers against a mad Toronto team still steaming from A-Rod's bush league play the last time they played at the Rogers Center in Toronto!

Blue Jay sweep!!!!
Yeah, I love the Yanks' 6-man rotation: the three bums and the three guys they pitch when they face a real team. This time, we beat two of those guys. That's assuming Clemens starts at Fenway, which is no guarantee.
You know, I've heard people complaining about the "Sweet Caroline" joke at Camden Lately. And they say they never do it when the Sox are winning, which is simply not true. They've done it the few times I've gone to Sox/O's games and the Sox have won every one of them. I don't think it's offensive, I kind of think it's funny. I DO agree they need to do something to get more of their own fans in the park, though. It's really pathetic when there are more Sox fans there...and I could see how that would be annoying. Not our fault, though. If their fans bought their tickets there wouldn't be any left for us!

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