Thursday, September 13, 2007

Papi Be Thy Name

My girlfriend and I played softball tonight. Cool league, one game per week. I made a nice DP at short, doubling off the runner on first with a lob throw over her head. But we lost again. Like almost every baseball team I've been on since I was six, we're the lovable losers of the league. Every team gets in the playoffs, though, so we're just, uh, "saving" our wins until then.

The game ended, and we headed for a restaurant with a TV. We listened in the car to the Sox leaving men on base, down 4-3 late in the game. We got to watch the eighth, with Okajima doing a nice job. (I see Tavarez also did a fine job tonight.) The crowd looked into it, but we didn't have sound on the TV. We went to the ninth, still down one, and Papelbon kept it like that. A key walk to put the winning run at the plate, and then Papi stepped up. High fly, outfielder takes weird route, I'm thinking, Something good should come out of this. And the ball settles into the front row, and we and a few others go crazy. (Cyn has video!) Since this wasn't a sports bar per se, it wasn't exactly a party in the street. Also, the silent TV took away from it, but who cares? It was a sweet win, Papi's first walk-off of the season. We are the team to beat. The Yanks are the team to shit all over because they're a human toilet of disgust. My daily (since '75) wonderment of how anyone can like them continues today. They come in to Fenway either 5.5 or 4.5 back. The Tigers won to keep pace in the wild card, four back.

Got my playoff tickets today! 27 the total fees for the pair. I get to go to a playoff game as part of my 10-game plan. There's always that worry, like, is my password gonna work? Am I gonna somehow eff this up? It's serious nervous-time. But I got them successfully. Can't wait for October baseball.

(pic of David Ortiz by me, like, a few nights ago)

Jere's Mom here:
Am I the only one still all choked up over the scene between Tito and Papi after his home run last night? First Tito puts his arms around him and then when the hug is about to end, Papi puts his great big head down on Tito's miniscule shoulder (all things being relative), closes his eyes, and just stays there for another moment while Tito maintains the hug. I'm gonna go get another kleenex...
27 dollars in FEES? Did I pay that much? I think so, but WHAT?

Blatant rip-offery. There is no way that much money is needed to facilitate printing/mailing/processing/spooling.
Mom, I finally did see that on the replay later. It was cool.

JS: It was 15 dollars for the order fee. BS. Then 6 dollar per ticket, uh, processing or whatever. It's pretty bad. Plus, right field grandstand goes for 45 instead of 27 for ALDS, and then goes up more as the rounds go on. Yet, there's almost no price I wouldn't pay for playoffs. They know this. So they can charge whatever. Please note that the internet scalpers have fees of their own which are just as ridic.

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