Friday, September 21, 2007

On The Spot

Who'd have thought Gabe Kapler's* dreams would lead him right back to where we need him?

Looks like Gabe wants to play again.

My girlfriend was adamant--adamant!--in her belief that Gabe should not have retired. She was completely baffled. "Why would he stop? He's so young?" I tried to give her all the smart aleck answers: Maybe he just can't do it anymore. Maybe he just really wants to manage.

She called me out on those stock answers, and now Gabe is calling himself out. We'll see where he ends up. I can think of 29 teams he'd be perfect for!

*spelled "Kaplar" by females. Seriously, has anyone else noticed this? What is it about the heterosexual female mind that specifically says Kapler should have an A instead of an E? I think this is a testament to the hunky qualities of Gabe. Women are so flustered at the mere thought of him that upon reaching the second vowel when spelling his name, they're lucky their fingers are hitting the keyboard at all. Any thoughts?

I'm a female. And heterosexual at that. I spell it Kapler. :)

I don't know that I've ever seen it spelled Kaplar.

I've written elsewhere that one thing this does is open the floodgates for the 'he must have used steroids and took a year off to get it out of his system' people. The same folks who said he went to Japan for the same reason.

I'm happy for Gabe. And I think he's a great guy. But there's as much room for HIM on the 2008 Red Sox as there is for Kevin Millar.

Being one of THE 25+ doesn't mean you should ALWAYS be one of the 25+.
I've always liked Gabe Kapler, but I don't think the Sox should invite him to Spring Training. His numbers were not good in Boston. He's a great team guy, but not a good fit for the Sox. I think they can do better.
Just to clarify: The 29 teams I was referring to was "every one but the Yanks," not every one but the Sox."

So, yeah, I'd be happy to see him back to at least have a shot, but as long as he's not on the Yanks, I'm totally happy for the guy regardless.

I don't think he did roids. I think he's one of those "too proud to do it" bodybuilder types. But of course I'm gonna say that.
I'm a female. And heterosexual at that. I spell it Kapler. :)

I don't know that I've ever seen it spelled Kaplar.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Wanna speculate about why so many guys seem to think there's a T in Buchholz? ^_^

I suspect that as much as Gabe wanted to lead, it must have driven him crazy that he had to manage and not DO, and perhaps that at that level most of the kids would never be as good as he was.
I'm female and I've never spelled, nor seen Kapler's name spelled "Kaplar" until your post.

I heard him in an interview on WEEI today and I'm truly happy for him. But I'm with Beazer...this is going to bring back the stupid roid talk. People need to remember it IS possible to work out and get a body like his....
I think it's mainly because Gabe Kapler and Gabe Kaplan are very close, spelling-wise.
I notice a lot of you have never even SEEN it spelled Kaplar. Google "Kaplar", you'll see it!
Mom here:
I'm going with the Kaplan confusion.
Took me a long time to stop thinking of him as Gabe Kapner. (Mr. Kapner, the name of Jere's elementary school principal.)
Nice Welcome Back Kotter references in the title and opening line. Never get tired of that gag for some reason.

I have no idea whether Kapler actually took steroids or not. But I tend to think he didn't, only because I recall that early in his Tiger career he posed for the cover of some all-natural bodybuilding magazine.

I don't think he has much left as a ballplayer, but I was arguing that the Sox should have had him on the bench for the Yanks series just in case we got into another brawl as a result of Clemens'/Fat Joba's headhunting. I recall that Kapler nearly ripped Tanyon Sturtze into two pieces back during that July '04 brawl.
"Gabe Kaplan"

Gabe Kapler is close to Mr. Kotter??? Nutsy Cuckoo!!
I'm more of a Mike Lowall woman.

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