Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Never A Doubt

When it was 8-1, we talked about our earlier plan of maybe going to the batting cages tonight. But we opted against it. I sat in one spot on the couch and was determined not to move until the Sox had come all the way back. After the first rally, we were gold. It is the Rays after all. We had it all the way.

Good job by Cash coming through with his sac flies and run-scoring single. He was actually the only one to not get at least two hits. Even Drew had three, including a home run that was essentially meaningless to the score, but hopefully will help his confidence.

Lester against Jackson tomorrow. We go in to the Yanks series this weekend a minimum of 3.5 up and a maximum of 6.5 up. Then we kick their butts.

Did you ever notice how the MLB logos on teams' backs and helmets are sometimes not red and blue, depending on the team? Like, the Jays have blue and gray, I think, and the Marlins and Rays also refuse to have any red on their unis. The Yanks are fine with the red/blue, classic combo. I haven't done a full study on this, but I wouldn't have guessed that the colors on the official league logo would be allowed to be alter to fit into teams' color schemes.

Ever-since I wrote that piece about the walk-off triple, crazy things have been happening. Gedman's team won one of their final games on a walk-off strikeout. Then, the Brooklyn Cyclones beat the Lowell Spinners on a walk-off balk, or balk-off. And just now, the holy grail. Reader Jeremiah told me about tonight's Cubs-Astros game. With the game tied, and one out in the eleventh, Mark Loretta walked. The next batter hit, yup, a walk-off triple. Whoa, just flipped to ESPN, about to see highlight....here we go...okay--ball deep in the gap in right center. Runner scores easily from first (Loretta's pinch-runner). You see the hitter come in to the waiting celebration from third, as if it was a homer. So, basically, he just hit the ball and kept going. He must've been rounding third as the run scored, and just came right down the baseline to home, even though the game was over at that point. So, it's been proven once again that it can happen. But don't bank on there being another this season.

I've been meaning to say this anyway, but the fact that it's 9/11 will make me finally get it out: It's such a travesty that two more FDNY died recently, in a fire in the Deutsche Bank building. You may remember my photos from Ground Zero from a year and a half ago. I took pics of that building, saying it was scheduled to "come down in May." Well, they were taking it down, floor by floor. Five years later. It took that long just to start taking it down. And before they could finish, almost a full six years after it was rendered useless, there was another fire there, and two firefighters were killed. They came from the firehouse right next to Ground Zero, also visible in my shots. To think, those guys were so happy to be alive, people stopping by every single day to get their pictures taken with them, and the same tragedy that killed their brothers essentially killed two more of them six years later. Horrible.

JD Drew HR total
Pedroia HR total

there's something strangely similar about these numbers.
You're a better fan than I am, Jere. My tv went off when the score went 8-1 -- I just couldn't take a beatdown from the Rays on my beloved Wakey, after the revulsion of what's going on with the Patriots. Ninety minutes later, I turned the tv back on (to watch *anything* not related to sports) just as Youk cranked that bases-clearing triple to take the 12-9 lead & I almost fell out of my chair.
I've noticed this too about the MLB logo on the back of the shirts. No matter who the team is, it's the color combo of that team's colors. Baltimore had Orange and Black this past weekend. Tampa has their Greenish color and Gray.

Tankees have blue and red because there is red in their logo (that BIG top hat hanging on the bat).

The one thing my son wants to know:

We have Wally

Tampa has Ray

Baltimore has Oreo

Blue Jays have Mr. Jay

What do the Yankees have?

Jail-like convict mascot representing the 'roid-taken, bush league-playin, head-hunting like convict style of play?

or a convict in pinstripes because everybody who is a fan has done time at one point in their life?

Just wonder'in!
chris, good call.

dawn, you ended up getting a nice surprise that way!

masky-- I like the "convict in pinstripes" idea!

The Yanks also briefly had red in their warm-up jackets. A red trim around the script "Yankees" and at the collar and waist and cuffs. It was around '99. They took it out, though. They also used have red and blue socks about 100 years ago.

I think the O's MLB logo is normal, just looks like the red is orange next to the other orange. At least in the pics I found when I was briefly looking into this.
No- all the MLB logos on the hats are color-coordinated, and always have been. Even the Orioles ones.
But teams that have red and blue or whatever just have the regular logo, right? Or is the red and blue shaded based on the team's red or blue?
Okay, now I've just looked at the O's photo galleries. The logos are so tiny, and they're what your mind wants them to be. I'm staring at it, thikning, okay, it really might be orange and blue. But if they changed the red to orange, why leave the blue? Why not make it black? Then I look closer to see that the logos ARE orange and black.

Then I'll look at another one and say "That's red and blue. But if I want it to be orange and black, it is." I guess they really do change the colors to match each team exactly. Why did I not know this? Ever since they put the logo on the back, I hated it. But now that I know each one is specific to its team, I hate it less.
The easiest way to "verify" this is to look at the backs of the hats next time you're at a Lids or something. I actually own an Orioles hat (and a ton others, actually), so that's how I knew.
Good call. Yeah, they don't show the back of the hat on the mlb.com store.
Tonight (Sunday 9.23) Rick Ankiel hit a walk-off triple.
Haha. Crazy. Thanks for the WOT update.

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