Thursday, September 13, 2007

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I couldn't believe it when I read this article. The line is question is:

Rays right fielder Delmon Young overran the ball, reaching the Pesky Pole before retracing his steps, but not in time as the ball fell in the first row.

Was it the Dalai Lama, or Charlie Murphy, who said "WRONG! WRONG!"? Young did not reach the foul pole. He was nowhere near it. Has this reporter ever been to Fenway Park? Or looked at a picture of it? Seen a seating map? Seen it on TV? Is this his first day on the job? Did he used to cover soccer until yesterday? The Red Sox didn't score any goals, guy, and Delmon Young was nowhere near the pole.

The distance from the pole to where the wall starts curving in right field is approximately 90 feet. Papi's ball landed a little closer to the pole than the spot where the wall starts to curve, about 85 feet from the pole. Young ran to a spot way out beyond the pole. A good 65 feet beyond, probably more. Then he took about seven short, running steps away from the pole to where the ball landed. Those steps didn't take him a full 20 feet, so, in closing, I'd say the guy got within about 75 feet from Pesky's Pole. Subtract the distance the writer said (zero feet) and you'll see he was off by 75 feet. Not bad if you're trying to shoot fish in a barrel--from outer space.

To use the map above, double-click to zoom in, or click the + button. Click on each little icon for a further description, including the lines I've drawn on the map, the white one being Young's path to the wall. When the speech bubbles open, click and drag the map to be able to read the whole thing, as they're too big for the map. (Sorry, Google Maps users, I have to explain this to the people who are still stuck in the Mapquest cave-world, my girlfriend being one of them!)


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