Thursday, September 06, 2007

It's An All-Play

Really key win tonight. The difference between 6.5 and 5.5 is big with 21 to play. Wake didn't have it, but our offense kept coming back. And Double-H gets the win, throwing three innings, and getting out of trouble he got himself into. Coco, besides hitting a three-run dong, got a stolen base in the ninth, and was knocked in by Tek for the winning run. Pap gets 'em 1-2-3 for the save, striking out Millar to end it.

Drew continues his bed-shitting ways. I have so much to say about who's resting, who's playing, who's coming into the game--like, why have the two hottest hitters sat, one yesterday and one today? Why not start Ellsbury over Drew? If you're putting in Kielty, why not put him in for Drew? If Mirabelli goes down, why not put in Tek? Because it's "his day off"? Then why did he pinch hit and catch in the ninth? Why not just start Buchholz? Why let Lugo near the field? Their answers don't satisfy me, but we're still winning, so it's okay. I just wish I knew what was going on. And I wish Drew was on some team far, far away right about now.

With Clay getting the win tonight, I'm reminded of my "all-hitter" theory. A no-hitter is hard to get, but an all-hitter would be seriously impressive. You'd have to give up a hit to every batter you face. So, all your outs have to come on the bases. And no force-outs! One of those would break up the all-all. And to win an all-hitter, you'd have to have all the outs on the bases happen before too many runs score. I wonder if somewhere, somehow, in Little League or something, anyone has ever pitched an all-hitter.

From that commercial for Sullivan Tiya, if you were curious: The hitter Tito struck out? Stan Javier.

I've talked about this before: the apparent disconnect between sports talk show hosts and the internet. Many of these guys aren't going to the same sites the fans are. Which is fine, if you want to appear clueless all the time. I'd think a quick check of would be mandatory for someone whose job is talking about the Red Sox. But these know-it-alls will often be asked a question that I've heard the answer to ad nauseum because it's plastered all over the 'net, and they'll either act like the question is below them or sheepishly say "I'd have to look that up...." Today's example, a room full of fools on EEI, jokin' around, not talking about anything relevant, boring me as usual. They start in with the president of RSN jokes. One says, "so if you win, so what, you don't get anything!" The others agreed, goofing on the fact that the person who wins has some fake title and that's it. Oh, how they laughed. It seriously is the worst sports radio station I've ever heard. If you're in another city, I'm telling you, your station has to be better than this middle school-quality piece of crap. Anyway, just so they know, here's what you get as president:

• Four tickets to 10 games in 2008
• A ceremonial first pitch before a game in 2008
• A suite for one regular season game in 2008
• A trip to Spring Training with a guest
• Official business cards
• A credential to allow entry for all 2008 regular season games
• Periodic appearances on NESN/WRKO
• A e-mail address
• A MLBlog on
• Periodic meetings with Red Sox senior executives
• Official spokesperson reacting to Red Sox news
• Unofficial spokesperson reacting to Red Sox news to the media

This has nothing to do with how I feel about this whole "president" thing. I'm not even saying, "God, I'd love to have all those things." (But I'd love to have some of them.) I'm just saying, these guys don't give me the impression that they're Red Sox fans. When they do things like talk about the upcoming schedule, they won't know it. I know it off the top of my head and I don't have to. Most fans do, to some degree.

Hey, is it just me or is Tom Caron huffing gas?

There is a logical answer to at least one of your questions. I think they put Cash in (over Varitek) when Mirabelli went down because Varitek simply cannot catch a knuckleball.

I don't quite get why you think Tom Caron might be huffing gas. However, if you were to wonder whether or not Don and Jerry regularly take bong hits or smoke crack between innings--THAT I could understand. Those two giggle more than girls at a slumber party.

Since you have no player of the game for today, may I suggest that it is Coco Crisp? (He also made that fantastic running catch going toward the center field wall to rob Payton of extra bases.) I myself find it a pleasure to watch Coco play. And that makes it all the sadder--my certainty that come next year, Crisp will be gone, and yet we will still see JD Drew's bland ass patrolling right field.
I don't do Player of the Game any more. I think you were the only one who cared. Besides me. But I stopped because I just didn't wanna do it any more. For now. But Coco would be a great choice. I love watching him, too. I hope we keep him. Also, it seemed like TC was slurring his words tonight in pre-game, and just generally messing up in post-game.
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As much as I dislike Drew, maybe,somehow, he'll turn out to be the anti-Arod. Suck all season and then be the hero of the post season. But then again, maybe not.
Did you notice Remy yelling at the kids while he was reading the graphic just before the game? You could hear the kids making noise, the Remy yells, "Shut Up". NESN leaves the graphic up a while longer, then a wide angle shot of the field from center,(dead air all the while), and then a quick cut to a commercial. Pretty funny!
pweezil: Yes, I saw that! Look at the Joy of Sox game thread for last night, toward, obviously, the beginning. I was the only one who brought it up. I didn't know what it was. I thought either there was an earthquake, or that someone had entered "the cockpit" with a gun or something. It was kind of scary, how they just cut away. I was fully expecting an explanation when they came back from break, but, nothing. They acted like nothing happened.
About Lugo: I said that in a tongue-in-cheek (but not too far) way, like, why don't we just send him into outer space in one of those little orbiters like that dog-astronaut in that Woody Woodpecker episode where Woody sends that Alligator sky-high after he shoves him in that pressure cooker.

Tried getting on SoSH a few times way back, got no response. I just don't like message boards anyway (as the above paragraph might suggest--people there usually don't want to hear about Woody Woodpecker on those boards. Here, I can say what I want and be comfortable with it.) I am Ged-maniac on, but I mainly signed up, back in '03 I think, because of their arcade. Then the arcade disappeared. I only had a few posts there, many going un-responded to.

My current "message board" is the Joy of Sox game threads. It's a small community, so I feel like I can talk there, and I have fun watching the games with people in that way, when my girlfriend isn't around or goes to bed early or something.
In the above comment, I'm answering questions (about Lugo and SoSH) asked in a comment I deleted. Sorry for the confusion.
It's time to pull the plug on Drew. He really is awful. This isn't the time of year to let players work out of a season long slump. It's time to put the best line-up out on the field every game to get these players prepared for the playoff run.
The key being "he's really awful." That's all that needs to be said about the guy.

Dave, just so you know, people can click on your name and it takes them to your page which has the link to your site, no need to write it in your comment. Thanks:)

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