Tuesday, September 25, 2007

East End Boys/West End Girls

Get yours now!

MLB is quite certain the Yanks will take the divisions. That's right, I said divisions, plural. Ladies and gentlemen, your 2007 AL East and AL West champs, the New York Yankees.

Okay, I'll bite. Did somebody hack into the ShopMLB website to find this image? I went to both the Sox and Yanks stores, and no Division Champs shirts are on sale yet for either team. I assume these images are on their server just in case at this point...and that Sox graphics are there as well. Can't get myself too worked up over it, still thought it was bush that MLB sold those "Got playoffs/Sox tombstone" shirts last fall. The AL West Champs thing is pretty funny though.
That somebody was me. But I wouldn't call it hacking. I just was at the page with the Indians AL Central Champs shirts, and, as is my yearly tradition now, I just keep changing the product number in the url until I find stuff that isn't really for sale yet. Yes, there are some snazzy Sox AL East Champs shirts and stuff. And a Yankees "Wild Card" shirt. (Still wondering who buys those.) But when I saw the "west" mess-up, I decided to post it here. I gotta assume if the Yanks win, they go in and fix that.

I also saw a Mets div. champs shirt. Can't remember if there were any "hasn't actually happened yet" type items.
The funny thing is that you can add this wonderful item to your cart. I didn't try checking out and actually trying to buy one, but imagine if the company did fill the order. It's not really $24.99 worth of funny.

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