Friday, September 28, 2007

Did They Name Them Twinkies Just Because There Are Two Per Package?

Late September, and it was downright hot in Boston tonight. Even the rain shower didn't cool things off. Looks like none of the three things I talked about happened. No Sox win, no Yanks loss, no Indians win. But hey, I didn't say I was rooting for an Indians win. This way, we stay tied with them for best record. So, everything can still happen, there's just one less day on the schedule. See post below if you don't know what I'm talking about.

A really frustrating game. The moment things turned was when Beckett cut the ball off and threw it nowhere near Varitek. I think the Yanks tied the Rays on the board right at that point. We had plenty of chances to win after that, but we never did catch them. I'll get another chance to witness the clinch live tomorrow night.

The Yanks don't care about getting home field, as they've announced they're not trying to win the division. Classic. You're losing, so you say "oh, we're not trying anyway." The Yankee way. Remember that, kids. Jeter's Home Video for Teaching Children Baseball could start out with him catching a pop-up with one hand, then cut to a shot of him deceiving the ump into thinking a pitch was inside by straightening his legs really fast, and then to Derek addressing the children: "Remember, it's okay to fucking quit, as long as you announce it first."

I don't think I'll do a full photo gallery for this game, but I'll add some pics to this post on Friday. Oh, and I tried my Ortiz HR ball trick again in BP. There were two balls I could've had. Once, Papi hit one way to my left. It ended up in the grandstand (almost bouncing all the way to the top--it was cool). As I headed back to my spot, he hit one right where he did on Tuesday, to the right of the spot. Had I been in normal starting position, I would've had it easily, but since I was still way to the left, I couldn't get over there in time. Papi can trick you like that. Another ball was down and to my right. I couldn't get far enough down fast enough, so I turned into the seats a little above the ball, while two dudes went for it in the row below. The ball bounced all the way back to my aisle, and the two guys followed it along their row (while I paralleled them a row above), and wrestled for it. Had I just stayed where I was and waited, it would've rolled right to me. But I couldn't have known it would've bounced that way. I see some crazy bounces out there. People are always caught off guard. It's like, "why'd you get here so early if you're not gonna pay attention to all these balls bounding around you?" One thing people always are surprised by is the ball that bounces once on the warning track and goes all the way over the bullpens into the stands. They're never ready. Today, one ball bounced on the field, over the bullpen, through the wire criss-crossy fence, off some guy's ear, and slam, right into the shoulder of an usher, where it rolled to some lucky-ass kid. Not one of these people could've thought, "I'll at least be in ready position on the off-chance this ball continues toward me"? Terrible job, people. This is all stuff I used to deal with at every game, before I started concentrating on taking pics. You realize after an hour of BP with no balls how you've got nothing to show for your effort, whereas if you take pics, you at least come out with some good shots. So, as a blog reader, I don't know what's more exciting for you, the same "one that got away" (or "one I totally got"!) story over and over or the same "Varitek walking to the bullpen" picture over and over. Too bad it's not up for a vote, eh? Ah well, you know I try to keep it fresh. Or whatever. End of long paragraph. End of post. Some pics to follow.

P.S. I added a video three posts down that I forgot to tell you about.

It's so very great that you are able to go to so many of these magic games, and MAGIC is on my mind. Turn on the TODAY SHOW this morning for Bruce & the E Street Band, if you can. They make my soul hapy, especially after that game last night. A moment, or an hour, of happiness is priceless, Jere. Be well, hi to the kitties. Love to meet them!
Wow, last night could have been, but the Twinkies' bullpen is good. We had our chances, though.
Hey Jere, if you're home between 8 and 9am "something." tune into NBC's TODAY SHOW, for Bruce and the Band.....they make my heart sing, and they'll be here in Hartford in just 4 nights!!!!!!
when Beckett cut the ball off and threw it nowhere near Varitek.

I was sitting in the dead-center bleachers and had a marvelous view of this--the ball left his hand and it was immediately clear disaster was imminent.

the same "Varitek walking to the bullpen" picture

I love and hate this about Tek. Everyone has the same pictures of him. It's like taking pictures of a train...

My usual problem with BP balls is that some of my favorite photo spots are also potential hit-by-a-foul spots. I never shoot when Sheffield's in the cage, for example. At a Padres game at RFK, I went out to right field to shoot the Padres pitchers--came down from the concourse, put my bag down, took out the camera, looked toward the field--and everyone on the field was looking at me. Hmmn. then WHACK! a ball smacked off the very top of the low wall right in front of me. They were all watching to see if I'd be killed! A kindly Nationals coach tossed the ball to me. I've always been more careful since then. ^_^
ss: At least you had an excuse! Some people are just out there, seemingly trying to get balls, looking right at the field, and as soon as it goes below fence height, they'll assume that's the end of the play. Then it comes bouncing over, and it's as if you shot a potato through their family picnic. "Whoa! What's going on here???" Yeah, it's the ball you were waiting for that just flew right past you.

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