Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bronzed Over

Suddenly, we've got the third best record in baseball. Tonight, we went to the Weird Al show in New Bedford. We got in the car afterwards, and heard the four words we didn't want to hear: "one and a half."

Our problem this week is hitting. Two runs per game since Sunday. But we've got Manny, Youk, and Coco out. Just have to hope these guys are all ready for October.

Thanks to Detroit, this division title is meaning less and less, for both the Sox and Yanks. If it comes down to the last day, would Torre waste his ace just to say they came back from a big deficit? And would Tito waste his just to say we were able to hold the lead? I hate the wild card, as I've said. Both us and the Yanks have put ourselves in a position where the division doesn't matter, since we're both in anyway, and we're too close to each other. The good thing about winning this division is winning it with enough time to rest everybody afterwards. Now, the winner most likely won't get too much extra rest. Then again, the loser will get the same amount of rest.

Let's just say that now that it's this close, and now that both teams are just about in the playoffs, I won't mind if my friends get to see the clinch on that Saturday with the tickets I gave them. I already said it would be anti-climactic a few days ago, but now it's even moreso. Not that I won't be happy when we do clinch....

What we've blown has been blown already: the chance to clinch early and prepare fully for the playoffs. Because we've blown that, it doesn't matter now. One extra home game in the first two rounds, that's it. Besides, the wild card might even get the more desirable opponent at this point. It's all just totally stupid. I understand the Yanks won on a wild pitch tonight. Whoopdee-woo.

So, am I forgiven for following the Yanks (even after I said they were dead, which they still are, in terms of being able to go far in the playoffs) all year long instead of "ignoring" them?

Friday, we start winning, take the meaningless division, and be "that team" that has the momentum going to the playoffs. Please. The four-game win streak and Yankee five-game losing streak is still possible, in which case we would have some time to prepare for the playoffs. A long shot, but I'm rooting for it.!

Weird Al played all the hits. Some in medley-form, but if he didn't do that, the 2.5 hour show would've been 4 hours. I give the guy and his band a lot of credit for putting on such an elaborate show night after night, and always packing people in. Ah, the Weird Al show. Those were the good old hours of tonight, before I found out the baseball scores.

Our Sox have to find a way to score more than a couple runs on a continual basis, or it will be a short "in and out" of the playoffs. I HATE this.
Jere, I love ya, but do me a favor:
The next time you feel like declaring the Yanks dead and the division race over in the last week of August......don't. I guess only those of us who lived through 1978 and remember it only too well (in my case, going to junior high in Trumbull with a ton of jerkoff Yank fans) understand this. Casey Stengal said it a million years ago: "Don't count your pennants before they're hatched", and that's why I'll never get cocky or overconfident when the season is far from done.

Yeah, I know, it doesn't matter because unlike '78 we still have the freaking wild card, blah, blah, blah. It still sucks big time.
Terry Francona belongs on "Mysteries...of...the Universe" on U62...
Matty, Al also showed video clips all night long, as per tradition (between costume changes). Included were a few UHF clips.

AJM--you know I follow and have followed the Yanks closely my whole life. So my declaration, which wasn't exactly profound when you consider the way I talk about those guys, was at least based on the way the way they were playing then. I never said, Well I'm just gonna ignore the Yankee score from now on. Don't you remember me getting mad about the guy who criticized me for even paying attention to them. It's just always the way it's gonna be, whether they're 30 games behind us or 30 ahead of us. I also declared numerous times in 1998 that the Yanks were the worst .700 (or whatever it was on any given day) team in history, that there was no possible way they'd win it all, that they stink, etc. I'm not worried about that stuff.

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