Saturday, September 15, 2007

Breaking News Theme Myths In Two And Two

Wow, this is the most shocked I've been since I heard the old Channel 2 News theme on some other news channel in a different city. That was just music. That's one thing. But tonight, I'm watching Conan, and some guest shows a great clip of a TV news theme from the 70s, which she used to be on or something. The lyrics went, "When you reach out and catch 5, you've got it all." Whoa. Does anyone remember the theme Connecticut's channel 30, WVIT (which showed the very few Sox games I'd get to see in the 80s) had at one point? It was "when you reach out and catch 30, you've got it all." But the music was totally different. So I guess you'd have people writing lyrics for news themes, and then stations could pick and choose, and set their own music to it? Based on the number of syllables in their channel number? Man, life is so much more complicated than I ever thought.


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