Saturday, September 08, 2007

Boyling Over

I'm still trying to figure out who from the Sox dugout Cabrera was challenging. Kevin Cash was ejected, so maybe it was him. Or maybe it was "the 7th grade." Who? "The seventh grade." I just liked how Pedroia almost got killed but kept his cool, not even looking toward the mound.

I'm actually watching the replay now. I just saw the play where Coco bunts foul, and Cabrera gives him a stare. If you get mad at a guy who bunts all the time for trying to bunt to lead off the fourth, in a 2-0 game, you have mental problems or something.

I know one thing: Cabrera wasn't yelling at Papi, as this video I shot last year proves:
[Remember, all the Red Sox videos you'll see here at ARSFFPT were shot/made by me. I don't just search "Red Sox" on GooTube.] [And I'm still trying to figure out what Millar was doing in that clip.]

I love that Lester did really well tonight. And &Myers' speed continues to amaze.

Down to our last 20 games now. 6.5 up. Gold.

From hopping mad (Cabrera) to ultimate pleasure...our Sox keep winning, Manny is almost ready, and Jon Lester was in command. And Paps and Okie weren't even needed...Okie needs a week off, but I like 2007. Have a great weekend Jere!@!

Remy sure got worked up over the whole deal. Maybe they should make him commissioner of MLB.
Players would be getting lifetime suspensions left and right.

Oh, and Happy Birthday!
I would bet money that the guy he was screaming at was Coco. Coco seemed to be the focal point of Cabrera's rage during that whole episode. (For having the audacity to first make a bunt attempt, and then to draw the balk. The nerve.)

I believe the post game interviews bore this out. Coco still seemed to be shaken and confused about the whole thing. I think he even said something to the effect of how he had thought that he and Cabrera were friends.

I absolutely loved how fired up Remy was about the whole thing. A couple months ago you'd made post observing how frustratingly "anti-homer" Remy can be. And a bunch of us commenters agreed. He can be a little too quick to be indifferent to the Sox and a little too quick to give the other team the benefit of the doubt.

Which is all the more reason why it did my old heart good to hear him dishing it out, unabashedly, to Cabrera last night.
"I was upset they took him out of the game. He's good to hit. He's 9-15. The guy [stinks]." - Thus Spake the Dustinator

P.s. I'll bet the word "sucks" exists somewhere in those right-angled parentheses...
Pweezil, thanks.

horse, good point. Remy was pissed at the guy. I heard the O's announcers were just as pissed at him.

matty, thanks for the quote.

Peter, thanks.

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