Thursday, September 06, 2007

Blue It

Things that cheered me up after the crappy game I went to at Fenway:

1. Returned home to find an e-mail from the Sox about playoff tickets. (I get ALDS tickets as part of my 10-game plan--which, in 2004, became ALCS tickets, since our ALDS game didn't happen. Unfortunately, it was the 19-8 game. And then we were screwed in '05, since our game didn't happen, but for a different reason than in '04. Am I still in parentheses here? Whatever. You know what? I won't even close 'em up. Anyway, I'm hoping to have a better playoff experience this season.

2. After getting that e-mail, I turned on the TV to see that the "Unky Herb" episode was on. It ended, and I flipped to Letterman, only to see Danny DeVito, the voice of Unky Herb. So I basically had 45 straight minutes of DeVito's voice. That part didn't contribute to the cheering up--just the fact that the UH ep was on. I love when Homer says "And I wanna let you!"

Tomorrow I'll post my pictures. We're still six up, with 23 to play. And I shouldn't have said it was a crappy game. Just a crappy ending.

Hey! Remember my thing from earlier about the "walk-off triple"? Well, shortly after that, the Braves were in a situation that could've led to a WOT, but, my theory was proven. It was bases loaded, two out, Braves down two. Diaz hits one deep to right, and the right fielder goes back, and it hits off his glove. Three runs score, and the Braves win. What happened to the batter? Replay of the winning run scoring shows Diaz just barely past second, stopped, watching the play at the plate. Surprise, he's not sprinting toward third! Again, terrible joba by that insurance company. Listen to EEI and you might hear the ad. (Along with a million other ads, and lots of Patriots talk from deejays who sound like Rob Schneider's "Big P" character from SNL's Weekend Update in, like, '91.)

Update: Just saw the highlight of the Varitek HR on Baseball Tonight, which I don't watch too often. The guy, worried more about being cool than getting stuff right, as most of these people seemed to be trained to do, said, "Varitek, usin' that short porch." No. That was a shot, and it went well beyond the pole. That wasn't a 302. It was at least a 370. I'll check that hit tracker site tomorrow. Oh, and the guy also called Youk "the Youk-dog." Not as bad as the ESPN dude who, during the Double-H no-no highlights, compared Clay's great play on the mound to the Foulke World Series-ending play, which was hit about 10 times lighter. While doing so, he messed up Castiglione's line.

"That bird! He's takin' another sip!" Love Uncy Herb...

Finally, tonight, I will be at Camden Yards for the first time this season...It's about fuckin' time...or, as my wife would say, "Oh, so I get to stay home with the kids by myself?"
Great job, Matty. You'll be able to relate to all the other dudes who do that whole "escape the family by goig to the park" thing. Those guys have a lot of fun, I've noticed.

I see you've gone the U-N-C-Y route. I did, too, then tried "Uncky," before settling on "Unky." I realized then it was the first time I ever tried to spell out that fake word. I'll head to imdb real quick and see what they say...

They go K:

Also, K beats C 400 to 272 in Google search.
I tried to post this yesterday but it got eaten. On the walk-off triple in the Majors, this is how it would have to go down.

Home team down by 3, bases loaded. A triples hitter (I dunno, Crawford or Granderson) comes to the plate. Hits a triple, and the OF (probably RF) decides to throw home or to third to try to get either the hitter or the tying run. The throw is errant, and our triples hitter goes home with the winning run, though not an inside-the-park HR.

Walk-off triple, though I know even this scenario is a stretch.
What you meant to say was those guys (me) have a lot of fun until we get home...
Allen, that's interesting. But the walking off wouldn't occur until after the error is made. So wouldn't it technically be a walk-off error? It's still essentially a WRT, though, so, good call. I hadn't thought of that. It could also just be a tie game, nobody on, guy hits triple, error allows him to score on play.
Well, and didn't (not a triple) the walk-off error scenario happen for the Sox last season against the O's, on a Fox Saturday game maybe?

And I guess I was just trying to play up the "drama" of my scenario, as yours makes just as much sense of course.
The Mother's Day Miracle was a walkoff error.
For some reason I always forget the error part. The only lasting memory for me ends up being Julio Lugo jumping up and down as if first base was on fire.

Ah, I feel better now.

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