Thursday, September 13, 2007

B.E. (I Can't Believe I'm The First To Name This)

The Buckly Effect = When an announcer starts to say a word, name, or phrase during a call in a calm manner, but upon seeing something crazy happen, her tone completely changes before her brain can tell her mouth to come up with new words.

Example (namesake example): The Buckner play. Vin Scully's brain has already told his mouth to say "behind the bag," calmly describing the location of a very boring grounder. However, upon the ball going through Billy Buck's legs, he finds himself screaming the words he's currently saying ("Behind the bag!") instead of speeding through or cutting off those words to get to the words that should be screamed, which are "gets through Buckner...." Buckner + Scully = Buckly.

Last night's example: Orsillo sees a grounder going towards first. Carlos Pena is right there waiting for it. Orsillo's brain has decided to calmly say "Carlos Pena...," surely setting himself up for "...makes the easy play." However, the ball hits the lip of the grass (i.e. all Yankee announcers' excuses for every single Jeter error) and goes over Pena's head, leading Orsillo's voice to rise right at that moment: "CAR-los Pena!"


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