Monday, September 03, 2007

6.5 And Rising

Great day yesterday. Yanks can't afford to have days where we win and they lose. And it could be two of those days in a row, as they've already lost today. That's three out of four for them, including losing two of three at home to Tampa Bay. And their loss today was to Seattle, which ties them with the M's for the wild card lead, at least in the loss column.

I loved that play where Moss hit the scoreboard and a "4" fell off. I knew right away that between him and &Myers, they were going to have to get that thing back in there, as it was from the NL area--the area of the board that needs to be changed from the outside. And the thing was just sitting there! Finally we saw &Myers go to try and put it in the slot, and I yelled at him through the TV, "Top first!" He didn't hear me, as he went the bottom-first route. It didn't work, and he almost gave up, leaving the 4 precariously balanced, but he finally figured it out. [edit: photos of the whole fiasco here. Thanks, sittingstill! Another note about this. I thought it would've been funny if more than one number had fallen, and they didn't know which went where. Or if the Yanks' score had fallen--which wouldn't happen, I don't think, as AL scores come in from behind the wall--and they purposely switched the two numbers to make the Yanks appear to be losing to the delight of the crowd.] I also love that great double-cheer you get at Fenway during a pennant race. Yanks' opponent's score is removed; you know that number's going up, you just don't know how much. Then the new number is replaced and is met with a second cheer which corresponds to the new total.

So we're 6.5 up with 25 to play. I'm still holding out hope for clinching the division during the Yankee series.

I never get photos edited on time, it seems, but I knew I had to at least get the ones of Brandon, Jacoby and the scoreboard up!

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