Thursday, September 13, 2007


Frank Thomas singles in winning run in ninth, Yanks lose! So we go into the series 5.5 up. 1 win=4.5 up with 12 to play. 2 wins=5.5 up* with 12 to play. But f that s. We're sweepin' these mofos right out of the playoffs! Go Tigers, go us.

*where 5.5 = 6.5. Myyyyy mistake. Thanks for paying attention, people.

Your math is off .. if we're 5.5 up now, 2 wins would put us 6.5 up :-)
2 wins = 6.5 up.
You couldn't have said it any better!

Go Sox! SWEEP 'em back!
2 Wins in a Row=7.5
I'm confused, and I majored in math, Jere!

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