Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Great win last night! (I just hope none of the other playoff contenders were watching....)

The last thing I wanted to see was Papelbon last night when it was 10-1. Even when it went from 10-1 to 10-9 in about 15 minutes, I never felt we'd lose that game. I guess that's a good sign. I'll take any win, and I'll just think of it as a bonus: some Yankee fans probably really got their hopes up, only to end the night seven back with 24 to play.

Tonight we pull an anti-Yanks by actually facing the opponent's best pitcher, but we throw ours at them, too. Halladay Roll* vs. Josh a Beckett, 7 1/12th o'clock p.

I also may have some pics to show you from where I went this weekend, but the place turned out not to be as exciting as we thought, so I'll check out the pics and make the call soon.

*I know the song from Vacation is "Holiday Road," but I grew up thinking it was "Holiday Roll," and I'm still in complete denial that the word in that song is anything but "roll." It's a holiday roll! You know, like rollin' along, on a roll. Was I the only one who thought this? (Have I brought this up before?)

[Update: Forgot to mention this. Roger Clemens is plantin' seeds. By that, I mean he's getting the fake injuries ready now, so when he backs out of a potential start at Fenway, he has proof that he was already hurt.]

I alweays knew it was "Holiday Road" but I love the song and any excuse to bring it to mind is ok with me!
Sometimes I'll see the Warner Bros. logo at the start of some movie showing on TV, and my mind will immediately break into HR.
Dear Jere, please submit to the Road version. No Roll! The card may say Moops, but guess what? Road!
How about this? We let me sing roll, just to the end of this decade. Then I'll fully believe in the road "theory."
There's a lot of decade left, but, ok. So long as it isn't every day for the next 2 years + change.
Okay. Only every other day. It's a deal.

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