Sunday, August 12, 2007

Worst Best Bullpen Ever Ever!

Gagne, don't get on my bad side. I went into this weekend thinking we were just about guaranteed to stay even with the Yanks, minimum. With a good chance of gaining. And we LOSE TWO GAMES in the standings. Terrible job. And at various points of the eighth innings of the three games in Balty, we were up 5-1, 6-0, and 3-1. With the best bullpen in the whole wide world. And we only won one of those games. At least the game I went to in Baltimore was the fun one. Pics to come from Saturday.

Papelbon should have been pitching in the 8th inning yesterday....that Tejada ab was the key moment in the game. And once that was blown, Papelbon should have been pitching in the 10th. And Millar should have been walked.

Tito needs to wake up.
Tito Francona Jr needs a couple of Diet Pepsi Max bottles to stay awake. It's like he napped the weekend away.

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